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Advice between two options?


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Hey all, I have two single headlight 520s that I'm trying to choose from and needed some advice as I know nothing about them and I'm totally new to Datsuns.


The first:

"1966 Datsun 520 pickup, L20B engine, 4 speed, been sitting for 10 years. Body in good shape, performance engine with SSS head, match ported intake, engine balanced, O ring block for high compression, aluminum fly wheel, 2.5 inch exhaust. Needs brakes"

The seemed to know a lot about the truck and he motor and even went over how it was mounted and all. He mentioned the clutch is stuck at this moment. Apparently he's had 2-3 J motors prior to swapping in the L20B. My dilemma with this truck is that it's not running and I don't know what it would take to get it on the road. He's asking $4000.


The second truck is pretty much a 1966 with no known history on the motor. All I know so far is "there is no rotten rust at all i just replaced the slave cylinder on the clutch the clutch and brakes work good you can still start the truck but you have to touch the starter with a screwdriver or you can just crank start it I have an alternator" and the guy is asking $2700

I guess my issue with this is the unknown motor history and whatever else that comes up. The good thing is the guy says it's been his daily driver.


Any thoughts? I'm hoping to check out the one with L20B tomorrow.

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All Datsun engines come from the factory very well balanced. So that doesn't mean much, its expected to be balanced.


I would be most interested in the one with the original engine. Even if it needs some work.


There are a lot of guys that know a lot about Datsuns, but if it doesn't run then the quality of his work cannot be judged.

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There is quite a few guys that can tell you everything about every single JDM part ever installed on a Datsun but can't even do the simplest actual job of fixing one in real life... Don't trust him knowing anything about mechanicals of truck if you can't see it running.


These things are simple ,, and anyone can get on the internet and bullshit their way through conversations,, with enough research.


on the second truck

Hell ,, a screw driver start switch is no big deal at all really.  but the motor being a J limits easily upgrading power train considerably.

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Thanks all, I'm on the same page with you guys about the quality of work, that's why I'm hesitant about it.  Hopefully it doesnt look too bad when I check it out tomorrow.  The body and interior atleast look great from pictures.


The one with the broken starter appeals to me because atleast it's something I can enjoy immediately. Although hearing "one hundred to two hundred thousand" regarding the mileage on the motor makes me wonder what kind of work I'll be facing in the future as far as rebuilding or a completely new motor (which I ultimately plan to do anyways down the road).  The body looks to be just primer at the moment so that's another thing that needs attention.

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$4K... if it was running I hate to think what he would want for it. Non runners are worth $300 per ton


Way overpriced for any datsun you can't get in an drive..


I agree I definitely was not planning to way the asking price for either truck.
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Having issues with the price of these cars/ trucks that sold for $50 / $100.  I once paided $47 and change for a B 210 hatch back and it ran.  L20 B truck would be out as someone else changed it over and who knows how and what was messed up beyond repair.

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