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  1. Everything adjusted and bled
  2. Picked up a 77 off Craigs list for 450 with out a hood. Had to replace relays,alternator,and a dried out weber to get it going good. Replaced wheel cylinders to get it to stop. Rear brakes kept locking up. Changed out the N.L.S.V. thing, continued to bleed and it continued lock up. Pulled off vacuum assist and master cylinder off my 74" and found the 77's was bad. Separated when it came out. So now it no longer locks up but I cannot get any pedal. Really hate drums but have no funds to update to discs yet. Any ideas out there?
  3. Oh on a positive note while digging out the rear end I found the grills for my 1980 510s.
  4. Dug out the 4x4 leafs, that is exactly what i was looking at. My blue truck, that i did not lower has the 2 main leafs and one thicker and shorter one on the bottom. That is what I was after, the truck rides nice with 3" blocks. The leaf removal was just to get it to match on my 73. But as usual Ratsun saved the day, going to get it all put back in today. Thank you Datzen Mike for the great info on both issues.
  5. I do have a set of 4x4 springs handy in my pile. Have a set of 4 inch blocks i am putting in as well.
  6. Looking to take out leaf springs, only wanting two. Anyone done this, do i grind off the shackle clip?
  7. Thank you oh so much, been everywhere looking for that! I want the taller gearing for the highway as I don't usually drive around town with it.
  8. Plate says it is a HF38, so far I have yet to find the ratio for this. Dam google!
  9. Looking to get the gearing from a 87 Nissan Hard body automatic rear end, but the over all dimensions are to wide, shackles will not fit. Thinking of pulling the 3rd member out and switching it that way. Has anyone done this or know if it can be done. Factory rear end from the 620 is to low for what I am after. We could move the leaf pads in on the 87 and making it fit, hoping just to skip that. Open for discussion on this.
  10. Dam! Sick build, but I understand the delay, got for kids to feed. Two of the enjoy wrenching though.
  11. Going back to drums for now! Dammit! Going to cost some money now. Least I got back for my 78.
  12. thinking of putting on all the front end as i have the whole front clip... some dumb ass made a trailer!
  13. 1976 i was told but thought they first came out in 78
  14. Getting it ready for Canby!
  15. I got a front in off a king cab with disc breaks, looking to swap out the drums on my 1973 for the better stopping power. Anyone done this, looking to change all the arms so that I have all the right holes to mount the hubs.
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