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I almost lost my finger!!

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I'm guessing that the salt water didn't help the feeling either??? Are You OK??


Didnt feel a thing...... going into shock is an amazing thing. The Captain dosed me with morphine and we ran 300 miles through some really big sea to St. Paul Island, in the middle of the Bering sea, to get my finger patched up.


All better now!:D


This happened a couple of years ago, I was just bored so I thought I would share.

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2eDeYe;79020']Cut my tendon once...

Any close ups :D


your sick! i like that!!!


hand dr's are amazing! i watched my ex get her index finger tendon sewn back together. the dr told me to step back so i wouldnt :drool: in the open wound :w00t:


if you dont fix it, they call it mallet finger :eek:

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those guys get paid big bucks. Why are you driving a Datsun and not a Benz? :D


Cause Datsuns rule....... and it lets me spend that extra money on parts!:D


2eDeYe;79020']Cut my tendon once...hate finger wounds now :eek:


Any close ups :D


No' date=' wish I would have gotten som pictures of the guy scrubbing it out. It took almos 30hrs to get any medical treatment, they had to take away of the "suspected" flesh.:eek:


^apperently for good reason too.


all i could think of the whole time was this album cover.




the 'tools' used to keep the skin back looked like the forks...


That is dope.......

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