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hi everyone. new 620 owner and very exited :)


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I think a 620 is a very good choice. Keep it stock and it will be very reliable.

Whats the fun in that!  :P


I agree with Mike.  My trucks rear suspension is stiff but it was made that way.  You can remove a leaf but if you were to haul anything it would do you no good.


Whats wrong with the brakes?


One more thing.. PICTURES! and Welcome :)

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Thanks !!!! Well , my brakes feels like very very worn out. They feel hard and when you push them hard somthing sound like getting stuck and the truck turns right. So there might be something wrong. I was thinking upgrading for beebanis mount for calipers but everyone is telling me that it supposed to break great because it has booster.

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The drum brakes work well but need to be adjusted every 3-4 months as they wear. Lift each wheel and spin the tire and adjust just until it drags. Pulling to one side means one brake isn't doing it's share of the work.

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for what its worth.  Stiff suspension isn't to bad. Make sure its working right.  See if they are air ride or gas adjust, or even new...  Stiff suspension just means its riding like a truck lol.


Brakes... If i were you. I would skip dicking around with everything. new shoes for the front and back, all 4 adjusters, and 4 wheel cylinders. also have the drums turned or replace.  Just get them done and out of the way, adjust them during install and be confident your brakes won't be shat or fail on you.  You're looking at under a hundred bucks if you just do shoes/cylinders and adjusters (adjusters are available on rock auto.com under Misc brake parts.)

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I dont know eho built it but god she had a nice style. The only thing i know about her is the some previous owner is from texas like 12 years ago.


Today i work on the brakes and it was quite easy. All brake shoes were loose jajajaj that was the reason for not braking. Adjust all 4 and done. Fills and brakes like new vehicle.

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