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Engine Swaps, for fun. Non-Datsun related

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Just wanted to cover some engine swaps I've thought of that are cool, or fairly unique. To start off, I've thought of a few that most people would think ... "Huh, I didn't know you could do that....!"


No Datsun swaps allowed! The ones i've listed below are cars with a sister car's larger, or similar engine swapped.

I'll kick it off with a few of my favorites!


Ford Escort GT swapped w/ a Ford Probe GT TURBO - 2.2L F2T Engine...


This engine can also be paired with the Mazda B2200 transmission to make it RWD!






Second favorite....


Mitsubishi Starion w/ a 4G63T, in RWD application








Another neat one....


Mitsubishi Mirage w/ a 4G63T (Evo 4 clone anyone??)







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I was thinking of car / engine combos that were same make or very similar engines. Like .... swapping an L20 for a KA. the Ka is similar, but much newer and way more power!

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I have done some really odd engine swaps over the years. On a subconscious level, I think some of them may have based solely on trying to piss of the squares. Like an AMC 401 in a old Ford pickup, which later got a 500 Detroit diesel (just because). I'm not a brand loyal guy, I'll put about anything in anything, unless it's some really high dollar original car where I would lose my ass by changing it, but...I don't have many of those these days.


I have noticed something kind of funny over the years of the types of people and their reaction to the "wrong air pump" in a particular car. At a car show a few years back, I saw a first gen camaro (68 I think) with a 351 Ford in it. The guy had went way out of his way in what seemed to me like an attempt just to piss people off (which I can respect) he had all sorts of Ford this and Ford that stickers and signs all over it, at the top of the windshield it had a "have you driven a Ford lately" sticker going across it. The Chevy guys reaction was a shrug and "huh, that's odd" then on their way but I thought the Ford loyal guys may actually blow him right there. They acted like him just won WWII single handedly. Fast forward to next year at the same car show, a guy shows up with a first gen mustang with an ls1 in it. The Chevy guys reaction was the same, shrug, but the Ford guys, this shit like ruined their day, I swear that many were actually trying to pick a physical fight with him. 


As for me, I can't get my head around giving that much of a shit about someone else's car. I mean, if I woke up in the morning and saw a guy dropping a 351 Ford into MY 67 camaro, I would sock him in the eye, because it's my car. But, other than that, I can't really even force myself to give a fuck what someone else does with a car they own all I care about is if they did a good job with the swap.

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My eyes are burning from reading all this blasphemy lol. I'm not hating........ but I sure am looking down on lol. The funny thing is I don't even know why but the thought of brand swapping just plain disturbs me, I have no legitimate (non offensive) reason behind it I just don't like it.

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I get that, it's each to their own. I love it when I see stuff that looks like a guy just bought it off the show room in 1970, right down to the correct, factory battery in place. I can fully appreciate that. But, then I don't fully get why some get all up in arms about a 32 Ford pickup running something other than a Ford engine. Oh, I get it if you say I hate all engines but Fords I suppose, but the 'Ford engine in a Ford" in this case never made much sense to me, unless it's a flathead that came in it, that's cool, but putting some fuel injected engine from the 90s in it will take as much butchering to the car as putting pretty much anything in it. I guess what I am saying is...I would like it more if someone just said they prefer a ford engine over any other, rather than act like they had to keep it parts matching or something.

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After some thought, I am going to contradict myself here. Last summer I saw an AMC AMX Javelin that was really nice looking. Thing looked mostly stock, then the guy lifted the hood and he replaced the AMC 390 with a small block Chevy. That kinda rubbed me a little wrong...and I actually like the sbc. I just think it would have been SO much cooler with the 390/4speed setup that came in it. Also, those AMC engine are no slouch at all, those cars can flat out honk. A lot of folks have forgotten about them or they were never even on their radar to begin with, but these were healthy little cars. Here's an example of one, it's a little long, but if you're an older muscle car guy, you can appreciate it.




Also, a very fine example of sand bagging the shit out of a fast car.

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This might sound retarded... But I have been seriously considering buying a nice and clean Ford Escort GT exactly like the one above and swapping in that Ford Probe (Mazda) F2T engine. That little F2T makes 145HP to the wheels in the Probe and MX-6. The Escort is only about 2400lbs. Too bad it FWD, I know, I know, I know.... But this would be an cool little car.... And for literally dirt cheap. Like... Ratsun cheap! Lol. Not to mention it could be a sleeper with good MPG's!


And now.... The coolest fucking sleeper I could think of.....


'94 Hyundai Elantra w/ a Mitsubishi 4G63T swap .... pushing 321WHP. Mother of god. Ultimate sleeper!!


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my dad used to have a 65 4wd ford pick up with a 6 cylinder Isuzu diesel in it, hauled 4k at time on the flat bed. he also had a 59 ford pickup with a 400? Pontiac under the hood.....now I know where I get my weird car choices from....

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That would be cool. I have a friend who made a gasser out of an old CJ7. I'm pretty gutsy when it comes to racing stuff, but you're not going to catch me making a 135mph pass in that thing. It handles like a wheelbarrow full of bowling balls.

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