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so what do you think this could be

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As most of you folks know i pulled my motor from my 70 4dr

a weeks or so ago 

well i was pulling all the stuff of the motor cleaning it up 

and i pull off the exhaust manifold and this is what i see on the inside 




so im guessing possible head gasket

what you folks think



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well the motor since being taken out of the car 

has been in the garage,

the manifold was just taken off today

when i got the car from the PO he said it wasnt running 

said it backfired and stopped 

so i got the car got it started on the third try!

drove it up the block and back and its been in the garage ever since 

started to dismantle the necessary's to remove the motor

took a break and started back on the project a few weeks ago 

the motor has not been started since the day i brought it home

so im guessing that there is a small leak somewhere between the two inside 

cylinders and when i started it it mite have dumped a lil in the exhaust manifold 

but all the spark plugs look good none super clean 

nothing to indicate a leak,

but something is going on

guess im going to have to pull the head

thx farmer

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