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Is a single point or matchbox better?


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I have 3 single point distributors and 1 matchbox and I want to keep one and sell the rest. Which is the best kind of distributor? I heard that single point gives the most power.

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Points need to be maintained as there are mechanical moving and rubbing parts, not to mention an electric arc that pits and erodes the contacts. As the points wear down the timing constantly changes. They need to be cleaned, filed, re gaped or replaced regularly. Coil output is limited by how much current the points can handle.


The EI (matchbox or remote igniter) type dizzy eliminates the points entirely and uses a magnetic trigger pulse and solid state electronic circuit to fire the coil. Because of the huge power handling capability, a special high current coil can safely be used which has much higher output voltages. Once an EI dizzy is set up you can forget ever setting the timing again. Rotor and cap will still need to be replaced but forget the tedious removal and installing points. The engine will start easier and run better with the added spark.

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Tom Neely has a brand new Z22 crank I need for my engine build and one of the things he is looking for is single point distributors. I've found several so I can bring down the price of the crank to a reasonable amount or if I find enough maybe I will be able to do a straight across trade.

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