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350 in 69 truck


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Hello all!
I am not nervous to do it, the engine is here, tuned, came out of a damaged stock car. I need suggestions where to get headers that will clear the torsion bars. I am trying to avoid the cost of custom headers. I also plan on installing the Turbo 350 with shift kit and having the rear end out if the stock car shortened but in the meantime I will use the stock Datsun rear end. Your help is greatly appreciated: yes, I already know, cooling cooling cooling!

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Use good small block cast manifolds and have a shop bend the down pipe around the bars. Simple and done. Headers are over rated and a pain in the ass. The 350 will make too much power as is so not a worry. I looked at this in my 620 and there isn't enough room.

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Guest Rick-rat

Just my 2 cents here, If I were going to do this I would eliminate the torsion bars and put coil overs on the front for the added weight. I think headers that would work without a lot of mods would  probably be very hard to find or not even made

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The whole front end would have to be revised as there are no struts for coil overs and there isn't much space around the shock for a coil. 



There were many cast designs for the 350 including the Corvette. Get creative. Swap sides and run them down the front of the motor


Maybe something like this and bend the down pipe around the torsion bars?




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I have 3 datsuns all with Chevy powered...headers are pain...Manifolds is Great idea...block hugger headers kind of work but shorttubes suck....Think about Cooling, Steering shaft!!!, master cyclinder, distributor clearance...etc....You will need to make everything!!!   If your not ready for a LOT of work i like modify a J series and Drive the crap out of it!!!

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I dont have torsion bars on any of my trucks, they have all been converted to coil overs...I know a v8 fits from stock firewall to the rad. core support...No room for radiator unless you move something major!!! Firewall = No leg room...Core support = cutting the first thing you see when popping the hood...


I recommend Nissan motor, V6 swap is second choice, Maybe ford V8 since distributor is in front...


2012-04-06 19.26.23 by Datsunlover1971, on Flickr(/IMG)

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The motor is an Oldsmobile or Buick notice the distributor in the front which allows you to put the motor as close to firewall as possible. Olds and buicks take a different transmission, slightly diff bolt patterns as the chevys. This person did modify the trans tunnel a little bit which then moved the heater box to passenger side. Think careful and overly Plan and Take a  bunch of measurements!!!


Chevy V6 would have distributor in the back just like the V8's...I like the sound of Blazer frame but you never know about surprises!!! gas tank, Cab clearances, bed mounts etc.....Keep us posted and wish you luck!!! Let me know if i can help in any way...

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I was going to go with a V6. The motor was from a Cadillac, a 4.1 Buick engine. It had a 4bbl but was like the Z24i in the Nissan 720 and had solenoid operated variable main jets to tailor the mixture. I couldn't find the specific BPO (Buick Pontiac/Oldsmobile type transmission for it. It was from a FWD car.



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