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  1. Good lookin out..will go look for one as well. My L16 knocks slightly until it gets oil pressure for those first miliseconds during cold start.
  2. I always run castrol gtx 10-40. Not synthetic. I guess I will switch to the delo 400. Makes sense
  3. I had one that was already cut and was able to fit an alpine deck nicely, but issue was there was no good place for speakers. I didnt have any engine noises coming through the speakers...my current truck I just went with a delete plate instead of messing around with a radio.
  4. It doesnt work for me either for some reason. All the others do.
  5. No bueno. Ive used this uploader for a long time. Ill see if theres an update.
  6. Is that picture working for anyone?
  7. Some cunt thought it would be hilarious to list my truck for sale with my phone number. It aint for sale. It was kamkazi620 being himself after we had a falling out over a dogleg transmission. He thought I flagged his ad on CL and proceeded to post my truck as revenge. I did nothing.
  8. Took all the stickers off and threw on my rallies. 1.5 inches lower in the front and its done.
  9. Yeah 720 4x4s. I have them. I was told you remove those smaller leafs when you install them on the truck. Havent heard that from anyone else so I cant say for sure. I havent gotten around to them yet since Ive been busy with another truck.
  10. Yeah it was pretty neat. He told me stories about when he drove the truck to Canada and down to southern and eastern Oregon. All that driving with a 4:88 diff. Fuck that noise
  11. Took the truck by Harolds house and finally got ahold of him. I left a note saying Id be back by Saturday at 3:30. Saturday rolled around and he was waiting by the door. He was impressed that the truck was up to daily driver status once again and all the minor upgrades we did like EI, regearing etc. He asked me to rev it up for him so I pinned it when I left. All I really want to do is get different seats, and MAYBE lower it more but I like it where its at. Maybe scrap my door panels and go with a more oem style...who knows. Also got bored and did a couple valve covers. Gonna run the blue one.
  12. Thanks. Also threw in the inner glovebox and heater box knob...nearly complete. Maybe tomorrow I'll throw in the 4x4 springs. Doubt it, but maybe. Also did the LED swap on the cluster but forgot the pictures lol
  13. Got her running and driving again. Feels great to go for a cruise.
  14. Im down for the basic 4 black knobs and red hazard knob.
  15. A guy named Daniel owns Dans Automotive in Oregon City. He daily drives a 620 and posts on the Ratsun facebook group a bit. Hes a cool dude. Ive BSd with him at local meets.. Id give him a shot. He lives just down the street from me too. Theyre located across the street from Oreallys auto parts.
  16. I use the direcr image uploader app. Been using it for 3 or 4 years with no issues
  17. Got around to working on the truck today. Resealed the oil pan and timing cover. If it leaks im gonna be pissed.
  18. After a fun run or two at Canby, I ran the truck harder than I ever have and now its dripping oil from the timing cover like no other. Gonna reseal it and the oil pan gasket. While I wait for the gaskets to show up, I painted the wheels black and got my 1300 badges on. Got a bunch of missing stuff at Canby like the heater box knob, and package tray. Might pull the front bump stops out too if I get around too it. Im tired of the skateboard ride. Also ordered 4" blocks.
  19. Glove box signed by John Morton!
  20. Got the interior finished and offy intake swapped on. Currently at Canby!
  21. Perfect. Just what Im going for.
  22. I saw this while apartment shopping in Silverton.
  23. Carpet laid out. Still gotta trim it a tiny bit.
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