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Vintage Auto Salon Caravan


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Vintage Auto Salon Caravan

So there this is a VAS caravan thread that is combining various forums and locations. So if anyone would like to be added to the caravan post or have a location added or suggestions email me at hjcg_jamesv@historicj.com
So we will start with the SoCal Caravan which will start on Friday. Meeting point one will be in Orange County at the Chevron on 100 E Katella Ave, CA. We are still trying to come up with a meeting time so for those who are on the list ill have you guys work that out or I'll just pick a time in between lol
Sacramento Caravan 
So for the Sacramento Caravan I have the meeting point at the first meeting point  Mc Donald's on 2729 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento, CA 95691 starting at 6:00am and leaving at 6:30am to meet up with the Second group at In n Out Burger in Fairfield. 
Fairfield x Sac Caravan 
2nd meeting point will be in Fairfield at the In n Out burger on 1364 Holiday Ln, Fairfield, Ca. The Meet for the drive will start at 6:30 and as soon as the Sacrament Caravan Arrives you guys should probably just head out unless someone needs to use the bathroom or something lol.
Vallejo X Fairfield X Sac Caravan
3rd Meeting point will be at the Chevron Gas Station in Vallejo on
400 Lincoln Road East Vallejo, CA 94591
You guys should start meeting at 7:10 and once the Fairfield X Sac Caravan gets there you guys can head for the Marina. 
Central Valley Caravan
Modesto meeting point will be at In n Out Burger on 3900 Pelandale Avenue
Modesto, CA 95356 you guys should meet up at 6:45 then head out at 7:00 to meet up in tracy with the Stockton caravan at the Shell on 3725 tracy blvd, Tracy, CA.
Stockton meeting point will be at the Chevron Gas Station on 508 W Charter Way, Stockton, CA ‎you guys should meet up at 6:45 then head out at 7:00 to meet up in tracy with the Modesto caravan at the Shell on 3725 tracy blvd, Tracy, CA.
Tracy X Stockton X Modesto Caravan 
Meeting pont will be at the Shell Gas Station on 3725 N Tracy Blvd Tracy, CA 
Those local to the Tracy area should meet up around 6:55 giving the Modesto and Stockton caravan time to arrive which ill be around 7:10-7:20am once everyone is accounted for you guys should probably leave and head for Livermore. 
The Livermore meeting point will be at the Shell Gas Station on 4530 Las Positas Rd Livermore, CA 94551. Those local to the Livermore area should start meeting at 7:45 Giving time for the central valley Caravan to arrive one all are accounted for you guys can head for the Marina and should arrive there around 8:20-8:30am 
South Bay Caravan 
You Guys will be meeting up at Zcargarage. I am not exactly What time everyone will be meeting there but the information will be up soon 
North Bay Caravan
So The first rally point for the North Bay caravan will start at 7:00am and will be at the Chevron Gas Station on 4990 Commerce Boulevard
Rohnert Park, CA 94928. You guys should be leaving there around 7:20am 
an head to the second meeting point which will be in Navato.
Navato Meeting point 2 will be at the Shell Gas station in Navato on 1390 South Novato Boulevard Novato, CA 94947. Everyone local to that area should probably start meeting around 7:25 and once everyone is accounted for you guys can head out from there.
Well I hope this helps out with the Caravan situation lol 
Thanks For all the support of those that are coming to the show It means a lot and it really takes everyones participation to make this kind of stuff happen and to keep it going so pleas spread the word!
Thank You 
James V 


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i'll be at 100 e katella ave Anaheim around noon but i be leaving  leave at 12:30 

text me or call me @ 7one4 two93-989one NICOYA and see every body later hope to some datsun on the road so i can join them and make big caravan so do your math leaving at 12:30 from anaheim and driving at 65 mph

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k, ill be headin out at 6:30

cool, didnt know u were going, dude im having charging issues right now, im not even joking, always before a show, something happens, always!

i might have to jump it in the morning, whatever happens ill be there in the morning

when i park it its losing charge for absolutely no reason, just to annoy

i unplugged the battery for tonight

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