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  1. Hello All, Historic J is proud to reintroduce Bayline at an entirely new venue. First introduced in 2012, Bayline was made famous for setting a record for the largest collection of classic Nissan Skylines in North America. Striving to make our events more enjoyable for participants and attendees, we work diligently to surpass ourselves constantly and make each succeeding events top the last. Our mission is to expand the awareness and passion of Japanese classic cars within the United States with innovative and exciting Japanese classic car shows and events. We hope that you guys/gals can
  2. Id Just like to say thank you to all of those that where able to attend you guys played a big role in showing Mr.Watanabe a great time! Well till next time! Thank You James V
  3. up to you it ill update if you want a specific time.
  4. Made a Caravan thread guys so check it out :thumbup:
  5. Vintage Auto Salon Caravan So there this is a VAS caravan thread that is combining various forums and locations. So if anyone would like to be added to the caravan post or have a location added or suggestions email me at hjcg_jamesv@historicj.com So we will start with the SoCal Caravan which will start on Friday. Meeting point one will be in Orange County at the Chevron on 100 E Katella Ave, CA. We are still trying to come up with a meeting time so for those who are on the list ill have you guys work that out or I'll just pick a time in between lol Ratsun NICOYA 311's RCMike Sacra
  6. Hey I found someone that is driving up from Panoma I'll see if he wants to caravan.
  7. Bump for the Vintage Auto Salon there will be coverage from Japan by Nostalgic Hero and G Works! Good opportunity to get you car in a magazine! Oh and don't forget the Guest of Honor Yoshiya Wataneabe owner of Rocky Auto!!! :thumbup:
  8. Hey Duncan will you be making the trek up this year? If so Caravan? So Eric told be he dose not know what day he will be leaving. He told me either thursday night or Friday morning. His car is not in the best running condition right now so he docent want you to be waiting if anything goes wrong. Ill setup a caravan thread which will link various forums together for the trek up so keep your eye peeled.
  9. Hey Dave I sent you n email :thumbup:
  10. Hey Eric Baure will be driving you from Socal with his Skyline or S30 if you wan to roll up to here with him i could arrange something.
  11. Hello All! Here is the T-shirt we will be releasing for the Vintage Auto Salon. I hope you guys like it! If its not the exact shirt you wanted for the shirt stay tuned. We will be coming out with shirts with different makes and models :) For those who have already registered for the show thank you so much! James V
  12. Historic J is proud to announce we will be hosting another very special event at the San Leandro Maria August 10, 2013. Location: 5 Monarch Bay Drive, San Leandro Marina CA . For the first time ever here in the US our guest of honor from the world famous shop in Japan “Watanbe-San” owner of Rocky Auto will be attending our event. Some of you might recognize him from the recent show “Retro-Kings”. He’s also known for the amazing cars that come out of his shop in Japan. http://youtu.be/NGjI9R1XKEQ Watanabe-San will have a booth where he will meet and greet and signing autographs. There w
  13. Hello Everyone, Sorry I wasn't able to say this sooner but I would just like to thanks everyone that was able to come out to the show. It wouldn't be possible if it was not for you guys! Thank You! HJCG
  14. With less than week to go before the event were extremely excited and wanted to give everyone a few updates. First we would to give a Big Thank You to everyone who registered early. Also a reminder to all spectators admission is free! We have more food vendors this time around which will give you chance to eat up and enjoy the show! Guests of the event: To anyone who missed our special guest last year. We’re pleased to announce “Mary” from the original Ken & Mary commercials will be attending the event. Stop by and say Hello and ask her about her recent trip to Japan. Don’t forget to bri
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