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    Hi Iam in search of driver door chrome trim and clips for 73 610 sedan .



  2. Hi Chrome trim for driver door in good condition needed.please message me with price n condition . Thanks
  3. Rasp933


    What about seats out of a honda prelude ..civic or mazda.. ...?
  4. Rasp933


    Whatsup fellas. I am wondering what rear seat from a different make will fit datsun 610 . Thanks
  5. This carb is electric choke
  6. Thanks for responding Thats what exactly what I was told by redline weber tech. Thanks
  7. Speed screw shouldn't be more then 1/2 turn in.thats what I was told my redline weber tech
  8. I even added a fuel pressure regulator.swapped the idle jets to 50s.advanced the timing to 14btdc and closed abit of speed screw.idle set at 750-800 rpm.runs good
  9. The dieselling is gone .98%is gone.I closed to speed screw aliitle and opened up fuel screw
  10. Ok I got the noise under control. What I did was I checked the timing. its around 12degs. Then I opened the fuel mixture screw 1/4 more turn out. I closed the speed screw say about 2/8 turnd in.engine started to run smooth.98 % of dieselling gone.I even check oil pressure,its around 22psi at idle, That funny noise coming from under the valve cover is gone.. So my guess is ,my intial adjustments were too lean for the engine causing it to make noises,which had me confused so I started looking at oil,oil pump etc etc.not realizing that the real problem was my carb was way out of tune.
  11. Got the engine running good. 95% dieselling is gone. Cultprit was lean condition and trottle open more the 1/2 turn
  12. 5w30 synthetic oil any good for the situation??
  13. In cold start.I hear noise from under valve cover for like 5-10 secs ,so I figured the oil is having hardtime traveling up to the lifters. Since I just did valve adjustments not to long ago
  14. Seems like its having hard time pumping 10w40 on cold start
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