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Air Cleaner Housing Rebuild for My 620


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I've basically finished up the air filter rebuild for my '78 620 today. Thought I'd post a couple photos.






I masked the strip of original paint which can be seen in the photo as I've bordered and labeled it for future reference. See what you think.


One thing that I could use is the sticker decal that was originally on the top cover. Kind of a little segement of a ring about 8" - 10" diameter. I could see the remains of the sticker and adhesive before I blasted her for painting. If anyone knows of a source for the sticker, I'd appreciate a heads up. I don't have enough posts yet to post a classified. Thanks for any feedback or info.


Also let me know if I'm attaching the photos properly from Photobucket. They seem to show up as a link on my posts and as viewable photos on most of the posts. Am I skipping a step or doing something incorrectly? I studied and followed the post concerrning photo-attaching but I'm no computer whiz.



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This is an air cleaner lid off a 1974 620, and a bracket off a 1970 521.


I took the air cleaner lid to my paint store, and we decided 1968-1969 VW Chrome Blue, Dupont code L51K was close.  That is the paint sprayed on the bracket. 

There are six spots of paint below the bracket, that is the progression to a pretty good match of the original air cleaner lid color.


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I just gotta say..... you are doing GORGEOUS work! I have been doing the same type of detail stuff on my 76 KC, replacing stuff and derusting or replacing every nut, bolt and screw that I can along the way. Fantastic job.........


Thanks for the info on the paint!



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Looks great. 


Is the Paint code sticker still on the radiator support ?  If you can read it what is the paint code number?


There was somebody repopin stickers a few years ago.  But I have no contact info.  Wish there was a sticky post for OEM Stickers.

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copy the IMG code to have it show a picture instead of a link.


looks good.  I would also like to find a sticker or maybe someone can make them.



I've screwed around for a year without posting a scan of the label for the paint I used on the air cleaner. Big time HIA. Here tis:




Should be able to get air cleaner paint mixed using the paint code at a competent mixer.


I have the E1 engine block from the 1964 320 pickup at the shop for spectrograph scanning to mix some paint for rebuild. I Gunk-Gelled the block yesterday and visited a local car wash and I believe there's some flat spots of original paint big enough to scan. I'll follow up with some photos and a paint code for the engine paint.



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