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Split bumpers?


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Thank you! That's what there called! I got a pair. I want to make sure they were stock!


Did you buy them for your 320?

The 520/521 bumperettes are different than the 320 bumperettes, they are smaller and more rounded.

Not sure if the 520/521 bumperettes will bolt on to a 320 correctly.

Let us know what series you got, 320 or 520/521 type.

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Those look like 620 versions, the brackets look straight, the 521 brackets dip down to clear the lights.


There's a lot of part confusion on E-bay from sellers. I recently bought a NOS "521" grill which turned out to be a 520 NOS grill. It will still fit, just has two unused brackets that are hidden under the core. I also picked up NOS crossbars for the upper control arms listed as 520, 521, 620 and 720. Turns out 520 and 521 are different and they don't fit. Buyer beware and do your research on the bay.

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The ones i got came off a wrecked 520. I pick up a 521 a few months ago. I need to find some for my 320.

The 520 brackets are different than the 521 brackets, 520 brackets will not clear the 521 taillights.

They may look the same, but they are not, if I were you, I would be looking for someone who wants to trade for 520 brackets, that have 521 brackets.

Maybe you can drill holes in your frame that will allow you to use them on a 521.

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I have a 521 with the small 520 taillights..will I need 520 brackets? If so Wayno how much do you want for those..

If you have the small taillights, then you likely will need the 520 brackets, but I don't know this for sure, as I have not looked into this, until recently, I did not even know the 520 and 521 brackets were different.

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