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Done lurking around... '79 620


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I have been a sideline fan of ratsun for a while now, and I have finally decided that today is the day when I share my truck. I have had this for 5 years now (got it just before my 15th birthday!), however it has been my daily for the last year or so. I got it from one of my neighbors (a grizzly old Korean vet) who was also my kindergarten teacher's husband. he sold me the truck for $1.00 under the impression that it was kaput. It didn't run, rust, etc., you know the story. However, after about three years of off and on work, here is how she stands as of today: 









Still have a list of things that I want to change (who doesn't), but I just wanted to finally come and join the party. Thanks for helping me out all these years and now I think it is my turn to contribute. 

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It looks like you've done away with some of the smog am I correct?  What linkage did you use to the throttle the carb?

Yes. are you talking about the throttle linkage from the pedal to the carb? it is just a cable straight to the carb. I hope that answers it, and if not I can take another look.



Any insight on the removal of the smog system? There's one in my truck but it's not hooked up to anything and there's no belt going to the pulley.


I also have a Weber so now sure how that affects it. 

the smog stuff I just unbolted and took out all the unnecessary stuff and made a block off plate to fill the hole on the manifold. Other than that I just shortened some hoses and fashioned a Y-connector so my power brakes still, you know, braked. 

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Different years had different equipment.


All years have forms of BCDD on the carbs and PCV valves.

L16 had dual points to reduce emissions by retarding the timing.

'74 and on all have EGR although it doesn't harm performance if maintained properly.

'75 and up have an air pump, and a charcoal canister to store vapors

'79 has fuel shut off system.  (actually increased mileage)

California models had this and usually more.


Only the air pump actually robbed a small amount of power to run them.

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