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OCTOBER 6TH, 2013 Mile Square Park BBQ and Datsun Meet - Fountain Valley, CA SUNDAY FUTURE DATE TBA


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UPDATED 9/23/2013

Alright rats, George and I have agree on October 6th 2013 for our next Datsun Daze at Mile Square. Everyone is welcome and please observe courtesy and and a cruising speed inside the park grounds.


- This is a Classic car meet so please only Nissan / Datsuns 19XX - 1986! Any condition welcome!

-  Please be cool and bring food and or drink for other's to enjoy as well

- If you got kids, they are welcome too, but please keep in mind the type of event this is  :thumbup:


The " No " list...


- No attitudes or cliques. Everyone here is friendly and cool with everyone, so if you plan on showing up so you can break off and get free food then split, then please stay at home.


- No racing, burnouts, revving motors or loud music-


- No Honda's :rofl:


- No alcohol or drug usage, without parental guidance.


- There is a clear map below for you to see where the meet is. PLEASE USE IT! 


Please PM me or Radim for more information and location / directions.  Starts at 12:00 and goes until we all decide to start cruising!

Here are some pics from last month's meet. It wasn't really planned, we just kinda decided to do it  :w00t: 













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Last time was a bit of a spur the moment event, ended up just being some close Datsun friends, this time we'd love for other Datsun heads to join us.

I think entrance this route is 5$.(You can park along Warner, but If you've got a Datsun PLEASE just go this route)
Enter on Euclid/Warner, and follow this yellow road to the red spot.

PM me if you need my number


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Cant do this cant do that,forget it,sounds boring already and i got to bring food your kidding right.

:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: I was thinking the same thing. Can't smoke out, Then get free food. WTF Bro!!!!

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You don't HAVE to bring food, we're just trying to make sure everyone gets fed and nobody burns out the spot, or bust some douchey ass shit.
We also don't want any single one person to pay for ALL the food, potluck is the best way to go, we will provide the BBQ and some food for a couple of heads..

We're trying to make this meet a good time super happy fun park experience.

Last time was a hell of a time and it was only a handful of us, we'd love to make it a bit bigger and have even more fun!

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Don't you have some bad Star Wars music to compose John?


Damn Bro!!! You had to go there?  I was just havin a little fun at your expence. I'll bring food and leave my Bong at home :rofl:

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Datsuns are HIGHLY recommended but if it's not available, any other is fine.


Any questions please contact Rucky or myself, bring friends with Datsuns too!


if you are attending please post saying so including however many other people you're bringing, we're trying to get a rough idea on heads for food.

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