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Transmission Huh?

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I am restoring a 1950 Morris J Van (only one in North America).


I am using a A14 engine, and it was recently overhauled along with the corresponding automatic transmission.


Can anyone tell me if what I have is a L4171B or a 3171B, and where I might get a service manual for it?


I need to add fluids and stuff and I don't want to mess it up.


You can see a photo of it here:




Thank you. This is the first time I have attempted anything like this.





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Either site will have a factory service manuals for the Jatco 3n71b. That auto transmission came in just about all 280zx, 280z, 260z and 240z cars. Just different bellhousings for the l series engines.

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Thank you everyone.


This one came out of a B210 that only had 67KM on the odometer when I took it out.


Morris of course partnered with Nissan in the 1960s, that why I chose this engine.


The BMC a-series had exhaust/intake on the left and distributor on the right too, but parts are less plentiful, so I think I made the right choice.



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I know they partnered with Austin in the early to mid 50s to build sedans under licence in Japan. This got them access to patents and typical of the Japaneses they 'copied' it but of course improved them at the same time. Up into the 2000s all Nissan motors still used a BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) for the oil pressure senders where everything else is metric. An anachronistic hold over from the old merger days. Morris Garages's 1800 heads will fit the A series I believe and an MG intake is the same bolt pattern.

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