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Been a long time coming, so feels good to finally post some updates!   Super happy how it turned out, much as I imagined it...




Got lucky with an amazing autobody guy, will post some pics later of all the patch work he had to do...when I first bought the car I didn't realize it was held together with fiberglass!


Still a long way to go, I choose to do things bassAkwards...make it look nice first, but its still all stock underneath.  I already have a KA24DE I'm putting in, already have the 280zx front end that needs to be installed, and rear end makes some awful noises, so that needs to be gone through.   But it makes it a lot easier to sink more money into all that stuff when it looks so pretty!


I'll have to admit, the last year of research and asking questions is finally paying off...all the pieces are snapping together!  So thanks to the all forum admin, mods and members for all the info...invaluable.



Now the big question...to tint or not to tint the windows!?







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Nice.  I love the color and the BRE Stripes.


I think it looks fine without the tint, but it would pull off 35% just fine too.  If it's in the sun a lot, you may want the tint to keep the heat out and help preserve the interior....  If you get a lot of darkness or overcast like we do up here in Alaska, you probably don't want the tint.... 


And actually doing the paint first makes sense for a few reasons.  One is resale.  It should now be easier to sell it if the need came about.  Two is your appreciation.  You will be much happier to look at that sexy beast versus what it looked like before.  Also, anyone that is not a Datsun enthusiast will appreciate the nice paint more than how much power it has. This is especially true for most Women... Assuming that matters to you.  Third, the hard part is over.  Everthing else is mechanical and pretty easy.


I'm jealous.  I wish my car had nice paint on it.  Enjoy it!!

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Looks great!  Hey, I'm curious, did the autobody shop remove the stainless trim around the windows when they painted it?  I've been looking at mine, wondering how not to destroy it in the removal process.

 place A piece of hard wood against the bottom edge, carefully tap with a hammer.

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Thx guys... yeah my girlfriend thought I was crazy when I spent $1600 on multi-colored rusted Datsun, but the bodywork/paint changed her opinion of it completely.  I have yet to see another 510 on the roads up here in Montana, so I get a lot of people asking about it, even with the tired L16 blowing blue smoke.   A longtime SCCA friend is coming today to help put the KA in, so I'm really excited about that...will be nice to be able to pull out into fast traffic!


Might actually get it done with time to enjoy it before the snow flys...already addicted to driving it, may need to look into a AWD conversion to match my Forza build. :)


...BTW, the body guy didn't remove the chrome around the windows, but you could never tell...he did a great job of getting in the channels

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Yeah I want to get some 15" wheels eventually...I really dig the new Enkei COMPE wheels, anyone have luck fitting these on a 510?   But not sure if the gun metal goes with my color, may go Panasport..but right now I have to focus what money I have left on drive train/suspension.


Anyway and update on the KA, after much deliberation with my Nissan expert friend... I've always wanted to turbo it eventually, and considering prices/pros/cons of putting a turbo on the KA, he's talked me into (rather I convinced myself) to spend the money now and go with the SR20DET...so it has been decided, so it shall be done.  Working on procuring the engine now, then have the big decision of moving the turbo or upgrading to rack & pinion.


I have officially reached the point where I'm in over my head...will be curious to see what comes out the other side and when.

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