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521 front apron


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So what do we call the panel that attaches to the bottom of both guards and wraps around under the front bumper sort of known as an apron in aus but not much search luck on that and are they available as a repro ?

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According to the Datsun pickup parts catalogue, it is the apron.

Here is a picture of the part.



I made a plate to fit the mounting surface of the apron, just a flat piece of 3/8 (9.5 MM) steel, carved out with a cutting torch, and cleaned up with a grinder. to hold the apron while I straighten it.  I have four aprons, and all four need straightening, and weld repair of some cracks.  Weld repair is a bit challenging, the apron about 21 gauge steel.



Here is a close up of one end of the fixture.  Two of the bolts holding the apron on the plate of steel also go through the steel plate, and screw into the metal saw horse, and hold the plate to the saw horse.   It is kind of difficult to do any metal work on the apron, because it is so thin, and floppy, and really does not have any weight, or strength to work against.






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