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Just An Idea.. Looking for Info/Opinions

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I had this idea of trying to sketch (i think its called something such as a sketch rendering)..sketch out how i would like the outcome of my 521 project to turn out.. but with my lack of art skills this didn't work out. it had me wondering if anyone on this forum knew of a website or someone who did these to have not just a mental idea of the finished product but also a visual one as well.

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There may be some people  around that will do it for pretty cheap if youre only looking for a decent doodle. There are guys that will do full renderings for you, but that will usually cost $$. You get what you pay for though... 



What are you looking to have done?

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could you point me in the direction of some of the people on this page who also do good renderings for a fair price ? I'm looking to have a rendering or a full rendering done of how i would like the outcome of my truck to look like appearance wise just to have a visual content of it. make sense ?

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do you have any other earlier drawings you've made in the past on hand that you could show me ?



I use photoshop to add/remove things and do custom paint etc. 

Usually charge 25-50$ depending. But I need to find a mouse first. 


Most of these were jobs for members.









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You havent mentioned what you want it to look like yet. Type/style of wheels is a good thing to suggest; also color, body mods ie: shaved, spook or air dam, how low you want it. If you are serious about this, these details are important. I have photoshoped another members car with only a couple of details, and that took a long time to finish up. Not trying to say its impossible, just needs a little more direction from you to be successful :)

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i'd do it, if you want examples of what i have done here is a link to my thread of work



Bonvo can vouch on my work. i sent him some back in March




here is an example of a celica i did back in march

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shoot would be amazing if i could get one done like the one tendril posted haha ...probably come out super expensive. 

just a rough list off the top of my head as some of the ideas on how i would like it to loo would be

*original grayish green paint 

*lowered stance enough to cover tire tread

*original mirror (mounted on doors)
*gas door and cap moved over to inside bed
*shaved gas cap
*original hub caps
*complete badges
*yellow high beam headlight
*air damn

*sun visors both front mirror and doors

*(optional) old school bike rack

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