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  1. GreenEggs&Ham

    Any car photoshoppers out there?

    There are a good handful of members that can do wonders with mouse chopping. Photos are okay.. What's the bounty for the time invested?
  2. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    Been really busy lately; just not on the truck. Purchased a house with the new wife, the two car garage will make working on this a lot more convenient. Anyway I used a digital level on the face of the rim to find degrees of camber. 5.3 on the drivers side, and 4.7 for the passenger side. Not a driven much, so for now it will remain that way. Considering beebanis adjustable arms as another option too. Pics to come...
  3. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    The camber allows fender clearance under full suspension compresion and steering lock, but you are right about 'unfinished' and all the tire wear issues that go with that. A couple of options on the cards for fixing the negitive camber; 1: Relocate the mounting bolt holes in the LCA 10-15mm closer to the balljoint; Tension rod bolt holes on LCA will likely need slotting 2: Use an upper ball joint from a 85 2wd Toyota Pickup to maintain the wider track I have currently, but that means cutting on Beebanis A-arms to fit these; no tension rod issues with this option; fender flares would likely be needed. Number one does sounds easier...
  4. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    Thanks for looking out :) I do have plans for those. Not wanting to outstay my welcome, I had to get it home from the parking lot at work. I'll work on the KA rebuild this winter and weld them in once engine bay is clear, sooo Ill be needing some of those fancy engine mount brakets you make :thumbup: Just before the re-panel last night
  5. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    Last night I finished bolting the panels I had pulled, bleed the brakes again, and drove it home.. all 34miles down highway 80. The ride was nice with the 350Lb springs; I would say it spot on for the L20. Onto the steering next.. replace old parts or try for a hybrid rack setup out of a mx5/s13.. options involve more planning. Work to begin in the spring..
  6. GreenEggs&Ham

    Instagram handles

    Just started on it a couple of months back. @cantspeakamerican
  7. GreenEggs&Ham

    620 C / 620 crewcab

    Sorry.. same bs again for the multiple post
  8. GreenEggs&Ham

    620 C / 620 crewcab

    Internal server error..?
  9. GreenEggs&Ham

    620 C / 620 crewcab

    Love the art work! Im following with the hope that you see this through :) Im curious about your plans for the B pillars; do you plan on a modern extra cab pickup design that incorporates it into the suicide rear door, or the standard crew cab design with seperate pillar to catch both doors?
  10. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    Now for the radius arms. I have no idea why someone welded a half link onto the front crossmember...? One of the mounts was bent nicely, so I opted to make new mounts where the D21 arms came to After a cleanup with the torch and grinder, Wayne welded in some angle iron for mounts Here are the D21 Radius arms installed in their stock location, which is a closer to center and set back a bit more than the original 620 arms. Gussets still to come!
  11. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    To avoid the cost of drop spindles I got one of the shortest street QA1s available, with a 7in 350Ib spring. The mounts I got from BeeBani are for the Rod End shock, I opted for the poly bushed model, http://www.summitracing.com/parts/hal-aln3855p, which required trimming to fit, easy. The spring is barely compressed in the pic. After needing a forklift to get it off the lift I drove it onto, here is the initial ride height setting... Camber is exaggerated by uneven ground and the ride height. I believe that was on the shock bump stop. Take your time when setting the lower shock mount; ensure spring clearance with the upper arm as it articulates up and down. I did not; the result was the top hat and spring catching and resting on the upper arm. I chose to plasma cut and grind out about 6-7mm to clear it. Don't make the mistake I did! More to come..
  12. GreenEggs&Ham

    Ham's '73 620..

    Here is where the swap began. We got busy making the most of the unoccupied snow cat lift The original setup. I'm not really surprised on the condition of the components... wore out would be an understatement! Wayne torching off the shock towers Perspective is a little off with a wide lens.. I used a shop press to get the upper bushings in the arms prior to bolting in; its probably the easiest way. Cut and ground off the upper arm bump stop mounts.; I'm happy with how it all cleaned up. More pics to come..
  13. GreenEggs&Ham

    (DEAD) PHOTOSHOPSUEY September Never Deadline

    Sometimes a month.. and ten to fourteen days to vote. Ive been too busy working on the truck to even think of photochopping.. coilovers and disk front end almost complete now. My vote; extend it to the end of the month! :)
  14. GreenEggs&Ham

    (DEAD) PHOTOSHOPSUEY September Never Deadline

    Pretty big job... 5 days in, no one has moved it from its location. I sense a deadline extension...
  15. GreenEggs&Ham

    "Farmers 620"

    X2 :)

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