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1964 320 build downunder


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What did you do about your heater core outlets, did you remove the heater for now?

That's a nice looking motor mount you made, simple. the best way.

It looks like you are using a remote power brake booster, does it work on both the front and back circuits, or just one circuit?

What is the part number for that remote booster?

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no heater at the moment will get to that later. i had the mounds made for me. bit beyond my powers haha. and the booser is a vh44. there is a willwood brake valve in there aswell will have control over front and rear :)

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not much progress with the old girl latley. been saving up some dollars to get the rear brakes, handbrake cable and fuel tank installed then an exhaust and it should be ready to fire up. :)

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Did you put PS fluid in the tops?

You can also use automatic trans. fluid.

While it is running, look down the throats of both of them, are the pistons lifting the same height, if not adjust them to where they both look the same.

Also make sure you have no vacuum leaks.

These are the screws you adjust the air flow with, it's best if you have a flow meter, but you can get them close enough by eye to sort things out, they both need to look the same at an idle.


See the piston in the throat, they both need to look the same while idling, this is mine shut off, it will be just slightly higher when idling.


These are the fuel mixture screws on the bottom, I would just turn them both out two and a half to three turns to start, the small upper screw is the idle screw once everything it set properly, at least it is on my SUs.


Don't give up on your SUs, they are way better than a Weber if adjusted properly, I can describe how to adjust them in detail, but it would be better done via email in real time, I tell you how to do something, and you do it and tell me what happened, if we set up a time I could be in front of the keyboard, email me, the address is below.

wired up enough to get started today yaay :thumbup:  runs like shit haha bit of tuning to do maybe switch from the su's to a 32/36

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thanks for the info wayno shal give it a go. i do want to keep the su's was only going to change to a 32/36 to see if the motor was any good. i know its leaking from a welsch plug. not sure about anything else yet tho. its all just a test fit and everything will come back out for a clean up now i know it works.

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