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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    Parting out 1963, 320 ute. e1 column shift,make an offer on the parts you are chasing. will ship worldwide located Hobart, Tasmania


    hobart, Tasmania - AU

  2. havn't got around to fitting my set yet. still on the hunt for bushes and star pins. will also be waiting till i have the funds to fit a coilover setup under the old girl. :) slowly but surly. driveline pretty much complete and running. exhaust is coming up in the next couple weeks lots done lots more to go dats life :)
  3. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    thanks for the info wayno shal give it a go. i do want to keep the su's was only going to change to a 32/36 to see if the motor was any good. i know its leaking from a welsch plug. not sure about anything else yet tho. its all just a test fit and everything will come back out for a clean up now i know it works.
  4. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    wired up enough to get started today yaay :thumbup: runs like shit haha bit of tuning to do maybe switch from the su's to a 32/36
  5. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.539581659400986.141177.363783110314176&type=3 bit more work done recently. fuel cell installed, exhaust modded to fit properly, side rods bigger drag link to fit new tie rods, alternator bracket and adjuster, few other bits. pics added to facebook link above.
  6. no pretty sure i wanted to post it here :P. all sorted now thanks everyone
  7. WTB 64 model 320 lower control arms. :) located Hobart, Tasmania happy to pay postage
  8. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    not much progress with the old girl latley. been saving up some dollars to get the rear brakes, handbrake cable and fuel tank installed then an exhaust and it should be ready to fire up. :)
  9. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    yea the guards will get some love. i have another set that i may get fixed properly down the track. im just keen to get it back together and running for now :)
  10. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    a little bit of body work. not too much. im trying to save to get my 180b sss into the body shop. im happy to have the ute a rat job :)
  11. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    DatRat slowly coming together :)
  12. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    no heater at the moment will get to that later. i had the mounds made for me. bit beyond my powers haha. and the booser is a vh44. there is a willwood brake valve in there aswell will have control over front and rear :)
  13. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    fair enough learn something new everyday. ive been surprised with how easilly everything has fitted in there. quite a few little mods here and there but its in. :)
  14. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    Alternator is in there and yep the bonnet closes.
  15. msdm

    1964 320 build downunder

    Little bit more progress. radiator installed, clutch master, hec715 coil and electronic dizzy :)
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