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FOUR Nissan OEM flat-top pistons (high-compression L-series, anyone?)

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Here is a set of FOUR Nissan flat top pistons, which I believe are for an L28 280ZX motor. The Nissan Part Number is 12010-P7917 (which I believe to be 1.0mm oversize).


This deal includes pins and rings, and would be awesome for someone building a high-compression L16 / L18 / L20 beast.






Sorry for my grubby fingerprints. :)






$200 shipped, first come, first served.  PayPal is greg@brmexhaust.com

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In an L20B +2mm bore this would be around 10.2:1 compression with standard head gasket and U67 head. 



L20B with 2mm bore flattops and open chamber head is 10.29. That calculator was close this time. I do them long hand using JG info.  It, http://www.ozdat.com/ozdatonline/enginedesign/ asks too many questions and when I input I get "that piston and block are not compatible"

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