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Fs: 1971 Datsun Pickup==must See==lots Of Pics

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Alright guys here is the deal I have had my father-in-law working on this truck for almost a year. Just about everything under the hood is new and it cranks right up. He did most of the body work and it is in primer right now (about 90% complete). I have the front end all apart ready for paint. The side markers have been shaved and so has the antenna. The hooks on the bed have been cut off. The front bumper has some little dings but I was going to color match it anyways. I was going to color match everything except the grille and headlight bezels, but that is just me. Needs someone that knows more about body work than me or him to finish it. But the hard work is done! He replaced all of the cancered areas. It does have a little exhaust leak. Dash has been epoxed and needs sanded and painted. I have the tail gate and one from a newer one but it would be better to be replaced. Floor pans have been repaired and undercoated. Here are all that has been replaced:


New Items:

Dist cap

red Autozone battery (Duralast)

battery cables



plug wires


radiator professionally cleaned/repaired

heater core professionally cleaned/repaired

master cylinder


vauum lines


clutch cylinder



fuse block (needs installed)

window stripping welts(needs installed)


Extra items:

I bought some headlight bezels off Ebay(really nice)

Roll pan with license plate cut out (Just bought last week before I decided to sell it, paid $110 off Ebay). Box says FBI.


You guys all know how hard it is to find one of these and alot of time and money has been put into this one. It still needs some work and some more TLC but this is a pretty solid truck that has had most of the time consuming issues already taken care of. Grille is in great shape. Needs a new headlight switch.


I just am ready to move onto another project and my father-in-law has medical issues and can't work on it that much anymore. I am in the Navy stationed in MS and the truck is in Martinsville, VA 24112. I don't have time for it anymore with my other projects going on. I have all the receipts for the items above totaling more than $1400. It does need some wiring done on it to fix the lights, they stay on when the key is on. I am sure I left something out but feel free to come check it out. This truck is just screaming customize me!! I wish I had the money to really finish it the way I wanted to but I have to let something go.




Asking $2200 or best offer!!!!!!!! Cash or Paypal only(you have to pay the 3% fees of course). Let me know
















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You're still asking too much.

Try eliminating the "1" in your sale price, or posting better pictures.

$750, I'd CONSIDER that truck, but over a g???

No way!


It's hard to make a profit on a datsun, especially one that's incomplete

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Now now guys. Lets get constructive and help this guy in the right direction.


My own $.02, completetion sells. I know you don't WANT to spend anymore time on this rig, BUT you may want to sacrifice a weekend and put everything back together. Completetion sells! People don't care how much its ready for paint or that lots of work went into bodywork. Chances are whoever buys it is going to redo most of it anyway.

It runs - Good! All glass there - Good! Drivetrain all there - Good!

620 tailgate - Bad! Get rid of it. Selling it w/o a gate is better then leaving the 620 one there. The lines do not match.


Take care of that stuff and you could actually get $1500 for it. You're on the east coast. Not many Datsuns there.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks guys. I understand where you all are coming from. I just did not have time to put it back together during my time on leave, My intent was to have it painted at that time but life happens and I had to back off for a while. I'll just let it sit forever than basically give it away for much less than what I am asking. I already have the mexican blanket to wrap the seats and door panels and just some black primer and hubcaps and I will have a little Rat Rod! But like I said that stuff will have to wait. Thanks for the help!!

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The odds that anyone gets there money back from what they put in is like a hail mary pass. Cars are the worst investment that you can ever make. Unless of course you bought a Shelby back in the days, ol Skool Camaro or a 65 Mustang fastback like I did and can turn around and sell it and make a profit.


I know folks who put in like over $20K on their Datsuns and Ol Skool celicas and they know that they will never get their money back. Consider this,,imagine all of the time, gas, insurance, shop time, fabrication, cost of buying car, registration, tires, your blood, sweat and teasrs, exhaust and all of the little nuts and bolts you bought, can you "trully" get your money back?

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Not trying to make a profit. Just trying to sell this truck to someone that has more time for it than me. I have a 69 Camaro that takes up my time. I'm on vehicle number 27 in my short life and know all to well that one never gets back what he puts into one. Thanks for your input though.


Still for sell guys, also willing to trade for a a/c set up for my 69 Camaro (Vintage Air system). Thanks guys!

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wish you would have posted this 2 weeks earlier...i just bought one on ebay for $2k and shipping is $1,009 from Burbank CA to Va.....this truck is suppose to be a runner and fresh paint but we will see if i got screwed or not....


its going to be hard to sell this thing, but your on the right track, keep postin on craigslist and ebay...Good luck man:)

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Installed the roll pan and fixed the wiring this weekend when I went home to VA. Installed the new fuse block, new voltage regulator, and new battery(other one went bad). Wires are ready in the rear for what ever lights you want installed in the roll pan (they are all labeled). Roll pan really cleaned up the rear end of the truck. Removed the 620 tailgate and lowered it with 3" blocks in the rear and 2" up front with the torsion bars. Looks real good. Also bought some full Moon hubcaps that I will let go with it. $1100 takes it all now.

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