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Ecotec swap, quite complete w/ 5-spd, ECU, radiator, fuel tank...

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2006 2.4l Ecotec engine (no oil cooler-to-510 firewall clearance problem).  5-spd GM/Aisin transmission NOS in crate!. The engine and tranny are from the Soltice application, thus mounts and exhaust manifold, etc are proper for longitudinal mounting like in a 510. ECU, wiring harness, Radiator, fans, coolant overflow tank, hoses, all engine accessories on engine and ready to run. Solstic RWD driveshaft, fuel tank with pump, throttle-by-wire accellerator pedal assembly, and complete, under-dash HVAC system with controller module (I'd planned on doing the whole swap including factory A/C, and this assembly looks to be a great fit under the 510 passenger dash area - freeing up even MORE space at the central firewall and utilizing the blank canvas on the passenger-side 510.


I'd planned swap into 510 'goon, but sold the 'goon to a friend and he's going to stay L-series for now.


$1750 for the whole shebang, firm on price.  THis is pretty much everything I can think of that you'd need for a (stock) 180hp VVT aluminum-block 30mpg torque-monster of a street engine swap.   Respectfully, I decline to run shipping estimates, but I will work with buyer to crate and deliver to freight terminal if that's how it goes.



Located in Asheville NC

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