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how too put bucket seat in a pickup

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Keep the two seat rails from your stock bench seat.

Find two more seat rails from a 620 bench seat.

You look (use your eyes and brain) at your bucket seats and figure out how to attach the seat rails to them.

Set the bucket seats in your truck.

The outside rails should line up and bolt in.

The inside rails on each seat will require holes drilled in the floor. Drill and bolt.



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ah ic so the rails come off then lol..... i did have one rail off but i tink i had nut that was rustd lol.... that i wouldnt know tho really..... well im in luck i have two bench seats lol woohoo..... i knew i would have too drill ..... anyone got some pics of there seat and the floor board on there trucks so i got a idea

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their are the stock holes on the out side where your bench was mounted put the rails on the seat u want to mout and set the out side rail in th hole and get the seat where you thimnk or know it straight then mark where Two NEW HOLE ON THE INSIDE WILL BE

TAKE A DRILL AND DRILL A HOLE then mount the seat i used a 1/4think x4"long 2" wide piece of steel on the under side for added support



shit i dont even onw a truck:fu:

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i was able to get a set for a 620 so the mounting holes on the outside matched up. i used some big ass fender washers to support hte inside holes underneith with grade 8 bolts and nylock nuts to keep them from going anywhere. i would set em in, bolt up the outside bolts and adjust the inner slider so it sat flush with the floor and the mounting rail in the front. mark where the holes are to be drilled, remove seat and drill. install seat with new hardware and your done. thats how i did it when i swapped seats.

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hmmmmm ah o0o0oo00o ic lol.... i dont wanna vids bahahah just a idea want the underside of the seat looks like w/ the rails that all and a idea of the hole on the floor board that all lol.... wow .... yea ill do wat i can tho bahahah and c how bad i fuck up tho lol :)

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hahah MY god lol bahahaha isnt that something now isnt it..... well i piece of wood would work too for a seat now wouldnt it......im sry too bother u all on how too do some seat for truck lol..... it would be nice if u did take pics of ur wonderful seats :)

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