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'77 KHL620 build.....New to community, LONGtime Datsun fan......


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I recently moved from the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area back to my hometown in Central Oregon. I have been a Datsun fan(atic) for years, and I currently own a 1970 Datsun 240Z and a 1971 Datsun 240Z. I have also owned several other Datsun and Nissan vehicles. Upon moving back, my father gave me a 1977 Datsun 620 King Cab. It belonged to a friend of his who owned it since it was new. Upon doin some research, I found that I am the proud 2nd owner of a 1977 Datsun 620 King Cab with L20B motor, FS5W71C 5-speed transmission, and all of the original paperwork and every reciept EVER for this truck. Anyone have any ideas if this truck is rare, being that it has the original L20B with peanut A87 head and the 5-speed?


I am unable to post any pics at this time due to a malfunctioning camera, but I plan to have some up soon. Some of the plans for the truck are-


Rebuild L20B bottom end using quality, high-performance parts.

Rebuild the A87 Peanut heads with Manley or Ferrea valves, Nismo springs, high-lift cam, etc.

Forged Pistons with 9.98:1 compression

Dual Mikuni Carbs


Complete airbag system.


Mahogoney bed floor.


More plans to come. I will keep you guys updated.

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Mahogoney bed floor.


you have my attention! i really hope you follow thru,ive been wanting to see a wood floor in the bed of a 620 for a long time now.



Welcome to Ratsun, work on those pics asap as im sure the demands for them will follow shortly

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The '77 would have had a U67 head, so the A-87 was likely swapped on in the past. How do you know it's a closed chamber head unless it was off? '77 was the first year that the FS5W71B was available as an option on the 620.... very nice.

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You are correct, the block has two dip stick locations. The one at the back is plugged and ther is another that is roughly 3" forward where the dipstick is now. I will try to get some pics of this up as soon as I can. Anybody got any ideas about this?

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This is common of an imported JDM motor. Often back in the '80s it was cheaper to replace a motor with a low mileage import than to rebuild them. Often they had rare (here anyway) closed chamber heads. dual SU carbs and intakes. The forward dip stick may have been easier to get at on right hand drive cars in Japan with the brake master and booster in the way.

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Sweet. I am beginning to think maybe I should just rebuild this motor or fix it rather than replace it. It kinda goes with the theme of the truck I have in my head. I wish I knew photoshop well enough to create an idea of what I want to accomplish. Anyone know where to get a complete rebuild kit with pistons, bearings, seals, gaskets, etc for a reasonable price? I have found some L18 38mm carbs as well as several 40mm Mikuni setups. I have also seen dual Weber setups. The motor currently has a Weber on it now.

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