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I'm having a issue with my headlights that's driving me insane... in the membrane.. ollz hehehe


Well, first the driver side headlight was brighter than the passenger, but they both work (outer beams)

Then I attached my missing high beam, on the passenger side, and the passenger side outer beam stopped working.. it was on, but very dim, and the filament was just glowing.

The highbeams weren't working at all, and i Messed with the fuses and now the passenger side inner beam, and outer beam work (high beam).

And now the driver side doesn't work (lol damn it Datto)

Basically the passenger side works fine except the inner high beam is constantly dim, (filament glowing)

Same with the inner beam on the driver side... constantly on (with lights) but dim. turning the high beam on doesn't do anything.

And the outer beam on the driver side is dim no matter what. (lights on)


I broke out my volt meter and got voltages at fusebox, passenger side was fine (expected) and driver side had .06 volts before fuse.

switched fuses just in case, nothings fixed.

I should mention that I swapped for another relay then this happened.

I'll switch back and see whats what.

Reason I switched:






None of the two relays are new.. Autozone doesn't have em, and R/A shows the relay? that bolts on core support..

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Looks like the stock relay in my 510...


Voltage in your car is coming from the swtich via a Red/Yellow cable. But is then split in the fusebox to the 2 separate fuses. If you are getting +12 on one fuse, and only something smaller on the other, you need to check your fusebox. Like under the fusebox, make sure all connections are good. I say its at the fusebox since it is obvious you are getting +12 there, just not to both terminals.


The relay grounds the lights, it is normally grounding the lows, but the switch makes the relay ground the highs. Your relay may not be letting it ground the highs.

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Laecaon (Jacob) Wins!!

Because of the inner beams being constantly on, the outer beam doesn't turn on all the way....

The outer beam got noticeably bright after I unplugged the inner beam.

One other thing, when turning on the high beams on the outer beam, he polarities switch...WTF.

I put the negative in the top prong, (highbeams on) and positive on the right, and my multimeter read negative..

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