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A Few Random Questions....


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Okay, Im back with more questions....I just sold my 510, and have my other car (1999 Cherokee) up for sale. Someone called on it today, wants to see it tomorrow, and seems pretty interested, which is what brings me to my next point....Im still tossing around the idea of picking up a '78 KC 620. Its got an L20B, 4 spd, and 99k miles. Other than that my only huge turn off is that it is quite rusty. Im going to try and use this thread as a way to balance out if its worth investing my time in, and to keep track of what it will need and if I feel like spending the money, anyways.........


Right off the bat:


Engine Oil-5 quarts ($25)



Distributor Cap-($15)

Oil Filter-($10)

Diff Fluid-2 quarts ($20)




Wire Wheels/Sandpaper-$50

Spray Paint-($75)


Other than that probably some shocks front and rear(price?), Some steel to make new rockers with and some paint/clear to paint the truck before winter.


Id love to do a 5spd swap, and front Discs





'77-'83 280z and zx (non turbo)

'79-'84 Maxima


Anyone know a rough estimate of what these tranny's are going for? Or any other possible swap options? (ive searched some but will do some more one I get this thread rolling)




--Front Disc Swap--


"Custom Brackets (Beebani) $120 shipped


92 Nissan D21 4x4 p.u. Calipers $15 a piece from local junk yard (make sure you get the rubber brake lines too.) I opted to get new fully loaded ones from Autozone for $130 for both with the cores I got from jy -$95:eek: (worth the jy trip)


79 280zx Master Cylinder 15/16" bore. $50 Autozone $20 JunkYard


02 Isuzu Rodeo rotors $40 a piece @ Autozone"


-Stolen from another thread.....so Im looking at about $380-$450 for a complete disc swap




Thoughts/Opinions? Im looking for feedback and thoughts. Ive got one year left of colllege, looking to downgrade from the jeep to save taking out loan money. Truck will probably need a front end rebuild too (bushings, ball joints, ect), is there a MOOG complete kit like there is for the 510?

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honestly, i agree with gg.... i picked mine up with fresh fluids, spare motor/5spd trans, 2 heads, new shocks, new bushings and a new clutch, built up l20... mine is a 79, and comes with front disks.... i only paid a little over 800 for it, granted its primer... but has some work allready done on it....


buuut at the same time... being on the east coast.... i looked for years for one... and it was the first datsun i had seen in person..... You guys on the west coast just have to wait 12 mins till a cleaner one pops up for like 100 bux, 12 mins later- even cleaner one for 200


But... my suggestion (wether or not you care) is like you said, change fluids, check plugs, change filters..... and then drive it and possibly do some soft moding interior and shit that wont take it out of service.....and once you get your loans settled then cut into that bitch like it was a thanksgiving turkey


edit: altho the words "quite rusty" has been eating at me a bit..... how rusty is "quite" in your book.... cuz in mine thats a nice way of saying "its F**cked"

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haha, the "quite rusty" is....well.....pretty effed. The rockers are like a cheese grater, and the bed seems are held together with...well id say magic at this point. The frame isnt bad, its not scabbing but could definetly use a a good wire wheeling/coating. I only consider it because I work at a Machine shop and our "Sister" Facility is a sheet metal fabrication shop, so worse comes to worse I could probably have some bent up.


I do know the truck would need fluids changed, and some brake work right off the bat. Other than that the body work is what kills me because I dont like body work, Im more a nuts and bolts guy.


If anyone in Washington/Oregon knows of a 720 KC (4x4 or 4x2)(Diesel or gas) , or a 620 KC thats in decent shape, my Dad lives in Camas Washington and worse comes to worse maybe I could work on shipping it back here to the East Coast. Im oen to all possibilities but was cusious on opinions of fixing this "620 from Maine".

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Id love to do a 5spd swap, and front Discs


The '78 already has disc brakes. You can upgrade them but the stock ones are just fine.


I would finish school, get rid of the jeep, come out to visit dad, pick up a nice 620 out here and drive it home.

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