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  1. Burns85

    510 Spooks, Alternate Material(s) to FG? - Comments

    Id also be interested!
  2. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    soon......we are expecting snow this weekend. :p
  3. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    So I got the pertronix coil in, removed the ballast/tidied up the wiring, plugged her in and she fired up! I need to adjust the dellortos a little bit, but my ignition problem is definitely solved! Using the info from page one regarding the correct wired to plug onto each side of the coil, it was the easiest install ever. Thanks boys!!
  4. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    I was just trying to learn more and get the background details as to how it all plays together, didn't mean to step on anyone's toes. My apologies if it came across that way!
  5. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    Awesome, thats the info I was looking for. Had a hard time getting it out. Ive got a guy I work with who mentioned hes got a few tractor coils and maybe and old bosche or two in his barn that he can cut me a deal on!
  6. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    Awesome! Thank you for the input. I was looking for the details since the numbers weren't matching up (Engineering thing)!
  7. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    I'm good with the wiring, that's not an issue. Thank you though!! The question that I have yet to get a straight answer to is how many ohms to run. After reading the pertronix .pdf it sates a 4 cyl, 12v car should run a 3 ohm coil (insert a pertronix part number 40511, 3.0 ohm, flamethrower, no ballast). Where my knowledge ends is what a ballast does. A stock 510 coil is 1.4 ohms, does a ballast add that remaining 1.6 to make it a total of 3.0 ohms? If a ballast regulates current (amps), then where do the ohms come in? ...anyways, looks like Ill make a pertonix 3.0 ohm coil happen :)
  8. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    Okay, so from what Banzai510 said, I need a 1.4 ohm coil . Scooter says 3.0 ohm coil. I see Mallory 1.4 ohm, Accel 1.4 ohm, Pertronix 3.0 ohm. Honestly.....I'm lost boys. So assuming I but a 1.4 ohm Mallory, I'd need to use the ballast. With the 3.0 ohm from Pertronix, no ballast? Granted I'm a Mechanical Engineer, electronics and my brain don't mesh. Sorry if this is a dumb question!
  9. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    https://www.amazon.com/ACCEL-8140-Performance-Universal-SuperStock/dp/B00064P99W/ref=sr_1_2?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1476366201&vehicle=1971-67-878-20-----16030------3-0&sr=1-2&ymm=1971%3Anissan%3A510 Boom. So something like this! There are a lot of "Black" no name coils, so I figure it cant hurt to do a name brand. Price isn't bad either. With the 1.4 ohm coil, do I need the ballast? How many ohms should I bee supplying?
  10. Burns85

    Another Pertronix/Coil Question

    1971 510 -L20B -Pertronix, ignition, no points -Currently running a ballast I was doing a tune up, replacing all my ignition parts and my coil decided to let go (the contact inside the end where you plug the distributor wire in turned to dust). The car has been reasonably trouble free so I dont mind throwing a few parts at it. Is there a coil I can run without using a ballast, like a Blaster 2, or am I stuck using one until times end? My current coil has no markings or ID numbers on it which is why I started searching for what may work. Ive read about 15 threads regarding the topic but my brain and electronics is having a hard time with it all. Anyways, what can I replace my current coil with? And is there a chance I can run a coil that wont need a ballast?
  11. Burns85

    I hate to ask this......but 195-60/r14

    UPDATE: Buying the 195's tonight. I did some mockup with my current heels and tires and adjusted for the offset change. I think they will work with just a little massaging. If no one gets back to me Ill update with pics in the next week or two when the wheels arrive and I get them mounted!!
  12. Hi Guys, Looking for input on tire sizes. Ive google searched Ratsun/510Realm, and other misc sites to get as much info as I can...but its come down to a new thread. I need help with tire sizing as I want to buy tires for a track day (more so get these wheels on my car and the steelies off). The problem I have is fitting tires in the rear given its a 4-door and how the rear fenders/lip differ from a 2-door. I have made a section view cutout of each tire and understand Im pretty screwed with the rear if I go 195 given height. I have small spacers for the front, so that's not an issue. Car: -1971 510 4-door -14x6.5 +0 Volk TE-37 -Front 280zx struts w/TTT-Coil-over Sleeves/Springs, FutoFab CNC Lower Arms, TTT Tension Rods, disc brakes, etc etc -Rear TTT Coil-overs, Orange Line Rear Sway, Futo Fab Camber Brackets (which surprisingly allow for more positive camber adjustment than negative...did I do it wrong?) Tires: -185/60/r14, Dunlop Direzza Star Spec, $120 each -195/60/r14, Falken Azenis RT615K, $84 each The question is, how screwed will I be if I buy the 195? I want them 1) for the tiny added width 2) for the price difference. Help me Ratsun wheel Gods!!!!..........and I need to make a photobucket so you all can see what Ive been doing for this car :)
  13. Burns85

    14x7 ET-0 Enkei 92's on 72' 510

    Tire size and offset?
  14. Burns85

    Advice on 14" tires....

    Hi Guys! Just read through the thread and have a question. Ive got some TE-37's that are 14x6.5 +0, and wanted to run 195/50-14's but turns out that size is almost nonexistent. Next best thing is 195/60-14 as I can get a good set of autocross tires (Falken RT615, etc)....but the bulge along with the height worries me as I have a 4 door. I like the car low, and don't really want to go monster truck status with heaight but I feel like they will rub and Id need to raise the car. macgyver, any pics yet? did you have this worry?
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-15-RAYS-ENGINEERING-TE37-FORGED-15x7-43-4x114-3-RIMS-SENTRA-SUNNY-ED327-/321956492242?hash=item4af61a33d2:g:6mwAAOSwYaFWem86&vxp=mtr I realize that the answer is most likely going to be "without major trimming" but figured it cant hurt to check....as maybe Ive got a lingering case of the "mondays". From what Ive read and seen it looks like these will stick out of the fenders quite a bit. Car is running T3 rear coil-overs with stock drums, and front 280 struts w/T3 inserts, ball joint spacers and disc breaks. Anyways, wondering if these will fit without chopping the fenders and I don't see the price as unreasonable.

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