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Recomendations for strut inserts


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Hey fella's I just got off the pot and ordered some coilovers (175 lb springs Ground Controll weld kit) for my sedan, it's a street car (not DD), and eventually I'd like to auto cross and maybe race. The current suspention is shot so I want to replace my front inserts and I'd like some recommendations. Techno Toy recommended I go with Tokico Illumina BZ 1086's, I know classic garage has some stock Koni's to for a reasonable price, what do you guys like and where do I get them?




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Tokico Illumina BZ 1086 are for the rear.


For the front, I'd go with the aftermarket Konis from classic garage. For my dd street car, I bought genuine Nissan insert cartridges for maximum comfort as they have very good control. But with those heavy springs, I'd go with Koni, you can vary the oil to get various control, so in that way they are better than a cartridge.

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Thanks GG,


I've been looking at those for a long time, and that little nudge was enough to get me to pull the trigger. The Koni's are on the way now, I have a set of new KYB's ready to put on the back, now I have to look at the the rest of the suspension. What is your opinion of poly bushings? I want to overhaul the suspension, I'm thinking of dropping it (the front) and having it media blasted and powder coated and replacing the bushings in the process. I don't want to get too tricky, but if poly is worth it I'll spend the extra money.



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yes, 1st-gen Jetta or 1st-gen Rabbit inserts are a favorite too, but usually for shortened strut tubes. Tokicos for VW are too big around for the 1200 struts, but KYB fits.



Poly Bushings. The word is they take a rough-riding 1200 and make it rougher. For a street car, just use new Nissan bushings.

The 1200 racers say the poly bushings do work, but don't use them in every spot. Read up on the discussions at http://datsun1200.co...ane_Bushings.3F

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Poly = bad!!! IMO I don't see why anyone puts them in there car. In general they are bad design. Here is a few pages out of one of my favorite books on the subject.










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