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brake light switch

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Take the two wires off the switch. Connect them with a jumper wire.

Do the brake lights come on? If they do, good possibility you have a bad switch.


Another common cause of no brake lights is bad grounds.

The battery grounds to the cylinder head. From the cylinder head should be another black wire going to the alternator frame. At the alternator, there is also another black wire that goes to the voltage regulator, and this wire is on one of the screws that hold the voltage regulator to the inner fender.

The cab is suppose to ground to the frame, as is the bed. Sometimes these grounds go away with the age of the truck,

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Does your horn work??? I believe the horn and brak light is on same circut thn its the fuse. ck or clean or put a new fuse.


a 72 has the switch underneath the pedal. You can ck but shorting out asGGZilla said or just ck for 12volts on one side thsan push the pedal and 12volts will be on the otherside when it passes thru. or plug and ohm it out and hit the switch. should short.

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