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Kingpin rebuild tool, remove/install bushings mklotz70

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***edit***  6/9/21   I'll be doing another run of these tools to go with the king pin kits I have available.  



These have been sitting on the bench for about a month now waiting for me to finish them. This is literally a Home Depot bolt and a piece of metal tubing. I bored the ID just a bit so that it will slide on the bolt nicely and squared the ends up while I was at it. I'm putting two pieces of tubing in just in case an edge gets messed up while removing the bushings. I have no intentions of making any more of these at this point, but since this setup worked so well during the kingpin rebuild, I thought I'd put some out there for the "do-it-yourselfers" :)




Here's a couple of links to the vids showing the setup in action. If you can do the removal and installation yourself, you can probably find a machine shop near you that can hone the bushings to the right size.





The price is $25 shipped flat rate priority. PM for paypal address. If they don't sell right away, I'll put them up on my site.

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Not to jack the thread [apologies Mklotz], but anyone doing the kingpin rebuild (along with the rest of that assembly) might need some newly machined lower fulcrum lock pins ? I had a few extra sets made up when I did mine. I'm thinking about $35 per set [shipped]. If so, just pm me, don't fill up this thread.

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If you were posting a tool in competition with mine, I'd have a prob with it, but this is quite helpful for them! Please take a couple of pics and post it in the rebuild thread, as well.





I still have a couple of factory sets, but I'm hording those for now. As far as I know, they are completely unavailable via nissan. I'm looking forward to seeing pics. I've thought about having them made before, but since I have some........anyway......

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I still have a couple of factory sets, but I'm hording those for now. As far as I know, they are completely unavailable via nissan.


The new lock pins came with my king pin kit. NOS Japanese made. Bought it from Holee138 on ebay.


Here is a link for a current auction



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Okay, I'm trying to use Picasa to do this and it's over in the kingpin rebuild thread as you suggested. Links are kind of janky right now, but will play more with it later. Hard to believe I'm an Information Technology Specialist and I can't get the stupid links to work seamlessly. But to my credit I'm more of a network guy than a web guy.



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