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just saying hi

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i saw no introduce area here, so figured this the best area to do it at.


i am a nissan guy guy, hardbodies more of my taste. but do love the earlier models.


found this site threw pacific coast datsun, love reading my info here.


i am also the owner of nissancustoms.com, which is mainly a hardbody/frontier mini trucking website. but we do have some younger species of trucks there also that are doing the mini truck thing to there rides.


i am in no way infringing on your area, so please dont think otherwise. you guys are the masters of this domain on nissans. i just come here to learn and look at things. and if i see a answer where my guys ask a question, point them to here. hope you guys dont mind that.


so anyways, name is ben, and great site for reference material and good bunch of guys from posts i have read

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Top Posters In This Topic

Welcome Ben, I would love to participate in your forum, but for some reason got cock-blocked by the website! Never got my acceptance email. I was a nissanminis.com member for years, still sport the decal on my hb!

i activated you there now. some reason some emails never get sent out, dunno why.


thanks for the welcome guys

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