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Caliper UPgrade for 620

Jovan Munoz

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2eDeYe' date='03 January 2012 - 11:02 AM' timestamp='1325613730' post='604379']

You can upgrade to hardbody brakes by swapping everything from the spindle out. Balljoints are the same.

You sure on the D-21?Late 720 will work( i just did it),but when i talked to Mike K.-he didn't mention D-21's as a bolt in.

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You sure on the D-21?Late 720 will work( i just did it),but when i talked to Mike K.-he didn't mention D-21's as a bolt in.


Yep I'm sure, I mounted up 2" hardbody drop spindles on my 78 620. Fit right on like it was designed that way.


motavated, I did not know the pathfinder calipers had the same bolt pattern as the 2 wheel drive hardbody ones. I love my pathfinder calipers on my 77 will be getting a set for the 78 now.

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The Z24i caliper to about '89 is the same as the 2wd 720 after Nov '82. Pads and rotor have different pt. numbers. 4x4 and VG 2wd are way different. I'v also heard the the D21 will fit the 720 and the 720 will fit the late 620 so... D21 should fit them too.


The 620 and 720 calipers and rotors are the same to 10 '82 when vented rotors and bigger calipers were fitted.


If going to the larger calipers you might want to increase the master cylinder size too.

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So can i just change the caliper of a hard body to my 620 with out having to change all the other stuff ?



The spindle is completely different. You need everything ball joint out. Spindle, caliper bracket, hub, rotor, caliper and all the hardware.

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I have a question on this topic... I have a 1979 Datsun 620 and i got brake calipers from a V6 Pathfinder 4x4 (Dual Piston) and both hubs and spindles from an 1989 D21 4 Cylinder 4x2.

Now my question is... 


Do i just need the spindle from the hardbody like so?



Or Do I also need the bracket bolted on to it like this? which is the the thing bolted right behind it



Thank you, Erick

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