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Engine hesitaion


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I'm running the stock L16 engine and carb. When i take right turns kinda fast the car hesitates for couple seconds then all is ok. When i make left turns all is ok. Only happens on residential streets when im having fun. No issues on freeway ramps etc. What would cause this?

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Float set too low thus fuel level is too low. The primary jet is on the right side. Going around corners the gas is pushed up the left side of the float chamber by the incredible G forces and uncovers the primary jet and the engine starves for gas.


Take a look at the etched line on the glass cover on the front of the carb. Gas should be at or near this line when idling.


It would'nt be fuel tank related.


The tank would have to be near empty and you would have to hold a sustained hard right hand turn for several minutes to use up all the gas in the carb, and all the fuel lines.

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Accelerator pump on carb?

You'll enjoy the weber a lot more.


Would do it left or right turns.


Webers will do the same thing if the float level isn't set correctly, but you'll still have much better luck with a 32/36.


Way easier to make a simple adjustment on the Hitachi and drive it. If you are buying a new in the box replacement carb then knock yourself out. If this is some worn out hunk you may be trading one problem for another, or more. Be sure you have an electric choke and an idle cut solenoid. Check the adapter plates for cracks. (from some idiot over tightening it down before) Be sure to use LockTight on the threads.... they WILL vibrate loose.


The Weber 32/36 is slightly big for an L16 so just above idle driving can be slightly balky but just change how you take off from a start. Mid and top end is better because of the breathing of the larger carb. (when jets and bleeds are correctly tuned) Hibachis are very complex but give the best mileage and ease of driving while the Webers are simplicity itself. Properly set up the Weber will almost give the same mileage.

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