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I need to make a gasket for my fuel rail and fuel in hose i currently have a rubber made 1 using the tire interior of my bike but im afraid the fuel will eat up the rubber and plug up my injectors. What kind of material can i use to make a gasket that wont be eaten up by fuel? something i can cut up easily with scissors. my rubber gasket is working perfect right now just wondering.


P.s this is for my truck i had a small indentation on the fuel rail witch was leaking gas i removed the rail sanded it down so the indentation was clear but its now un even and instead of leaking gas now squirting lol tongue.gif, crazy every part of the intake/exhaust system is labeled mikuni is my truck special? tongue.gif

woops i think i should be on the general technical area please move if necessary



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Hello its me again i found a small hole on my automatic transmission oil cooler return metal hose line to the radiator can i use jb weld to patch it up? i didnt notice that it was grinding up against the lower motor mount and it created a small hole, i thought i would just post this on here instead of creating a whole new thread

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