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75 B210 Race car for sale

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I'm selling my red Datsun B210 race car (1975) I have been running in Group 2 in ICSCC (NW US) for the last 11 years. Car runs in either IP or HP production class. Comes with complete running 1977 B210 parts car, extra engine and trans, extra wheels and tires, extra suspension and rear axel. 1.4 L A14 engine built by Dan Hall in 99. Has a four year old Webber DGV modified for racing at Loynings. Great beginner car for Novice racer or use for a Track day car. Inexpensive and reliable. Two races on new Hoosier race tires. $1500. Pictures avaialble on request. Car is located in Portland Oregon. Gary. gmartin@easystreet dot net.

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"It is caged, and it is a 4 speed. Cage it built to SCCA/ICSCC IT specs. It has a race seat and 5 point harness, Wink rearview mirror, Main Cutoff switch, fire extinguisher, spare seat for passenger driver training days. It does not have a fuel cell. Has a tach and oil pressure and temp guages. It is a production car, so engine is stock, but professionally built. It does not have a header, but has the Weber DGV race carb. Three sets of wheels, main set are Panasports with almost new Hoosier R1 race tires, spare set with older Hoosier race tires, and a set of chrome street wheels with street tires (this is the rain set) . Body is not too bad, the front lip of the hood has some rust, and there is slight damage to the right rocker panel behind RF wheel. Other than that it is straght. Has all the stock glass in it at the moment. Paint is not all that bad, it polishes up. all the stock glass in it at the moment. Paint is not all that bad, it polishes up."


"I have raced it since 1999. I have about 30 race weekends/track days on it since I bought it. I don't know the full history of the car, but it goes back into the 80's. It is a local Portland Oregon car it's whole life The parts car is a little worse, has some rust and body damage, but it is al there. That one is an automatic. But I have two spare 4 speeds (one in pieces, and one good one), a spare A14 short block, front struts and rear axel and leaf springs. Car is in SW Portland, Tigard area if you want to setup a time to look it over."

Gary Martin

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