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620 KC in Texas


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Well, thanks to Bob3 I am the owner of a new to me 1978 King Cab 620 Pickup Truck. This is my second Datsun (in recent years), but this one has the Ratsun feel and I am going to keep it that way.






It's almost legal in Texas. Passed inspection.




Now all I need to do is get the Texas DMV paperwork done and I'm on the road.


Merry Christmas to all.



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Got a little work done before Christmas and still working on the Truck. I purchased a 60 Amp alternator for a 720 to upgrade the 35 amp stock unit and purchase rod eyes and an adjusting bar from McMaster Carr to fab up a new adjusting bar. The new bar makes it really easy to adjust the tension on the alternator.


8419K34 Easy-Adjust Threaded Connecting Rod, 4" Overall Length, 5/16"-24 Threaded Female Ends

60645K131 Steel Ball Joint Rod End, 5/16"-24 Right-Hand Male Shank, 5/16" Ball ID, 1-1/4" L Thread

60645K132 Steel Ball Joint Rod End, 5/16"-24 Left-Hand Male Shank, 5/16" Ball ID, 1-1/4" L Thread


I had to get a longer V-belt since the alternator is slightly larger and was hitting the water inlet to the block.


620 Alt.jpg


Also, I have a new Weber 32/36 installed and running. I just got a JAW Wideband connected and will be tuning the Weber with the wideband. I'll let you know how close the stock Weber tuning is for this L20B.


620 Weber.jpg


I have a question from all you 620 guys.


I hooked up the vacuum port to the brake booster and it seems to work, but I have never driven a Datsun with power brakes and an wondering how the peddle should feel. I have driven it without the booster connected and it stopped well, just took a little peddle effort, but about the same as my non-boosted 510. The peddle seemed a little mushy once I connected the booster. Is this normal or not?



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