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Daves daily 73' 180b


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so this is my 610, rough and quick build so it can be driven

its just in a primer- guide coat but thats how it'll stay, its not supost to be flash ahah hides how not staight it is ahah

ive got fender mirrors for it, oldschool taco that i'll mount under the dash.


i want to try and get hold of other bits and pieces, extracors, big cam, twin carb, front lip and what ever else i can find on my jurneys ahah and i wouldnt mind streching the tyres a bit too ahah

after all its what all the cool people do too Ke70's, 610 is the new KE!


built to be driven till it breaks ahah wich it probaly won't






where i found it by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr




1973 Datsun 180B / 610 by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr





GOT DAT SON? by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr





Untitled by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr





Untitled by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr





IMG_4561 by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr





yeah by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr

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so after 8 months in the ghetto sedan. i picked up a one owner wagon! small dings and dents and mint interior but should tidy up well, real low on my old mags. i sold the sedan for 750 to a mate as it wasn't real staight. also found a tripple s if you look to the left in the photo


but watch this space. cheeers


wag by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr

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cheers dude! yeah not too sure yet. so far on the cards is a set of MAD DAT coilovers, adjustable lower controll arms, cheap set of fender mirrors and then i'll just play with it from there and start to tidy it up a bit.


just with the mags


wagss by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr


changed the grill to the an early model. much rather the look than standard but wouldn't mind a SSS one


60269_543341845681460_1037981393_n by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr


and just the other day went out to have a geeze at these two ran down sedans that this farmer told me about out in the middle of no where. really not much left but i took the struts to get coilovers made up from Mad Dat


299369_547632891919022_1869278423_n by Dave J Nichols, on Flickr

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This interests me. Did you have to shave the sides of this grille to get it to fit in between the later style side markers?


na this also confused me. it came off a 75 sedan that had the indercators there already, but i never knew you could get this style grill with those model gaurds.

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sending mine over to them, because they've only got 200B strutts and the brake and hub setup is all diferent. they're going to build mine for the same price so i figure its a heap less stuffing around just to send them mine

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