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Pics of my honduh....

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haha gotcha. you guys thought i bought a riced out civic huh? this is when i first got this motor for free from school. its an 84 gx140. all the gx hondas are ball bearing mains, and ohv. pretty efficient motor imo. the main thing these engines suffer from, mainly the 140 is small ports. i plan to change that as soon as i get a die grinder. this engine is practically brand new internally. it has amazing compression and it had no carbon on the head when i opened it up. the head gasket didnt stick at all when i pulled the head off. and the cylinder has the original hone marks. the only thing wrong with this motor is the carburetor float hinge/pivot whatever you want to call it one side broke off so the float hangs at an angle. these pics are b4 i even brought it home. i have more i just have to find them.

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i dont remember that lol. its cleaned up now and has a different exhaust that was factory on a bigger motor that i have never seen but its chambered so it has somewhat of a flowmaster sound to it. i used to slap it on that honda clone 4 wheeler i had and it seemed to flow well and i liked how it sounded. i need a carb for it. that thing can be a beast pretty easy. that head has the smallest chamber size out of the 140, 160, and 200's. but the ports are very rough so a minor polishing of the ports would go a long way. and port matching definitely isn't out of the question. i kinda want to put a small turbo on it. lol. but i wish i had a crappier motor to put it on just to get some practice.

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omg i had an older (80's-90's) Margay race kart frame with just a stock 5hp briggs. it was geared to go about 35-40. it would get up to that much faster than a different go kart with the same motor that i had previously ridden. and it handled so good, it was almost scary. i scared the shit out of a woman in a blazer once. it wasnt a blind corner, but since i was like literally about a half inch from the ground she didnt see me at first and i whipped around the corner and she slammed on the brakes and gave me a shitty look. it had bridgestone d-4's on it. they were kinda worn but they gripped asphalt pretty well. i didnt even want to try to get them to slide cuz it probably would have flipped.

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The integra is mine as well. Or used to be, it was stolen. But thank you for the compliment I try to keep my hondas tasteful and functional. Heres my hatchback. I also have a 00 civic, and a 96 integra. I love my hondas...they sit right next to my 2 510's...datsuns and hondas can get along!


Buttonwillow CA, before the roll cage went it.



At the beach in san diego, also pre-cage


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Josh, keep in mind that this forum is made up of enthusiast from around the world, think, then type. Or suffer the wrath.


Karts, I love talking karts, best kart set up ever were the Rotax 250cc lay down's at Daytona in the 80's. They were lapping faster than the prototypes of the era, and were doing over 160 mph on the high banks. They looked like bullets.


The FL series had a "run what u brung" class back in the day. Several motor cycle engines were tried up to 500cc. They still rarely beat a good 125cc motocross engine set up or a twin Yamaha.

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i didnt think about that. but i guess any body can make a ride look like that. but you guys get the point, chrome tint, dual fart cans, ugly wheels, obnoxious body kit, neons everywhere, stick on fender vents, splash vinyls. racing stripes, spray painted interior parts etc.

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