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  1. whaaaat up matt, how ya been man?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Twodoordime


      Wow, i guess it has been a few years. how did the 510 turn out?

    3. thisismatt


      Upside-down on a rotisserie fully gutted 😂. I sold it that way. I had moved and didn't have the space or time for it.

    4. Twodoordime


      Aw bummer, you were making pretty good progress before I disappeared for like 5 years lol.

  2. This is actually my 3rd fj20. I have found all 3 local to me. The first two were from word of mouth and this one popped up on craigslist. They aren't that hard to find if you keep an eye open.
  3. This is it at the moment. I tend not to clean anything up on this car just slap it together and drive it.
  4. Doubt anyone remembers my little bucket 510, but she is still around and kicking. The car stayed how it was pictured above until last weekend when I got bored of the big fmic. I removed the turbo set up, wasn't satisfied, so I yanked the motor and trans too. With the car sitting there engineless once again I looked in my shed and weighed my motor options. Another ka24e? ka24de? nah...sr? no, ive never liked sr's. Ca18det would be cool but I don't own one and hate spending money on this car. So, I settled on an fj20e. I dropped the fj20 in on Sunday, still have plenty of work ahead of me but I think she will stay fj20 for a while. Motor is in and mounted, trans is in and mounted, clutch slave cyl mounted and bled, header is in but not connected to the exhaust. I need to fit a radiator and wire it up.
  5. Tried to send you a pm, but if you decide not to build this car I would be interested in it. Let me know if that's a possibility.
  6. Wow, this makes me really want to put a 510 together for open track days. I used to go to speedventures events with some of my other cars but I've never taken a 510. I'm getting the itch....
  7. This is fantastic! I'm a sucker for flares because of my beater having them so I love the look. I'll be watching this one.
  8. Always drive the 510, justify it by saying you're keeping miles off the mustang for collectors.
  9. Thanks guys! Ordering two ASAP.
  10. Also, a lot of you will probably hate the intercooler set up, lack of grill, etc etc...well...it's not your car. Gotta remember I got the shell for free, intercooler for free, motor for free, etc. I have very little money into the car I just want a cheap toy. I am going to change the set up in the future, once my fj20 car is done and hide the intercooler. I need to replace every body panel (except passenger door, that one is nice, possibly trunk) and majority of the floors before I start actually putting money into the car to make it "nice". So, once I replace the bent up front end THEN I'll put a smaller intercooler in.
  11. Radiator almost done, coolant overflow done, bov mounted. Passenger side of the engine bay fab work almost finished. Still gotta add clamps and clean up the wiring but it's starting to come together.
  12. This is the reason I want a yellow 510...stunning.
  13. Twodoordime


    Where is everyone getting their windshields from nowadays? My 510's are currently running lexan and I'd like to go back to glass. The lexan is getting old.
  14. So youre planning on converting to 5 lug?
  15. I'm interested in the rx7 calipers you plan on running on the front, can you educate me further on what is required to run them. I have multiple fc's and lots of calipers off TII's.
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