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Cameron's 69 L20 beast

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Really happy now with this car, lots in store for it icon_smile.gif






swapped out the head Closed chamber A87 Peanut head/oversized valves port and polish




cleaned some shit up




painted the engine bay




motor assembly






did a little photoshop




before getting it running almost done, got the dual SSS carbs on it






off to get tuned/running




finished product icon_smile.gif




gonna get these wheels SSR mkII




gonna get these coils, Troy Ermish Racing coilovers




then some bullet fender mirrors




found a really cheap site that has them here.




then all i gotta do is put my carpet and headliner in and I'll be done!

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I dont get whats going on with the rear quarters. Are the quarters fiberglass flared? or bondoed? or? I say figure out a way to complete the body line all the way back and the car is a SAWEEETTT ride. Thats my ONLY gripe. I love the color, love the motor, hell i dig the whole car minus the missing bodyline.

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like i said i have a LOT of plans for this car and plan to hold on to this gem for a while. my previous car was a full bolt on LS1 FC rx7, and prior to that a 400whp rb25 type x s13, and surprisingly out of all the cars ive built this one is my favorite by far!


^ and yea i know exactly what you mean. :/ I'm not too big of a fan either.. they are fiberglass over fenders though molded in, i wonder how i could complete the body line?

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ahh ok they are fiberglass. The combination of the color and the photos i couldnt tell if it was flared or just bondoed over. Well i think id prefer bre flares. It doesnt look bad just strange without the bodyline. The car is fantastic looking just wierd that it vanishes then re-appears. I love the tiny tube front bumper! its also the first car i actually REALLY liked the shaved handles and locks! Just personal opinion but fix the bodyline and this car is a 9/10...im in love.

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they should work its just the fact that in the picture i posted look how small the "bullet" is compared to the ones i linked. they look like they rise up enough. and if not.... could just fab some spacers, cause the demensions of the base plate are listed right there on the site LOL.

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Looks swank man! But that sound... wow! That was like music. Makes me want to run to my garage lake a dog runs to the sound of a can of dogfood being opened!



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