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Will a Z wiring harness work in a 510?


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Hi everyone. I'm new the forums.

I have a 1974 Datsun 260z that I unfortunately wrecked.

I'm in the process of parting her out right now.


I found a local 1968 510. Rust free.



It comes with a rebuilt z22 engine and tranny.

Besides that, though, the car is basically a shell. It has a dash board but there is no wiring harness to speak of.

My question is would the harness from my 260z work in the 510?


Thank you.

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Try asking on "the 510 realm" someone may have one or is scrapping one. For best results give the year. Do you have the ignition, wiper, headlight switches, heater controls or anything electrical related. In other words is it just the harness you need.


I honestly have no idea.

The owner said there was a dash board in there, but I don't know what he means by that, exactly. I'm going to check the car out tomorrow.



That's the craigslist ad. There isn't much there. He said the engine, tranny, rear bumper, and a headlight. It's going to be quite a build, but the body is rust free. If I can get it for any lower, I may just pick it up just to have it.

The Z was my DD.

I'm going to have a little over $3000 after parting.

I'm just a poor kid fresh out of high school and going to college. Not exactly the best time to have a project because I need a car, but it's such an enticing prospect to have a rust free 510.

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As a rule it's cheaper in the long run to source a car that is complete and running than to build one up, even if you do everything yourself for free. Builds can take years and are filled with compromises. You need a DD for school and beyond, not a project that is barely a rolling shell. If you can swing it, pay less and buy it and store it for later in your life when you can get to it. If not pass on it.

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Very true. I already knew that, but I just needed someone else to tell me what I already knew I guess. =P


There's not too much that I like with the kind of money I have right now.

It sucks to be young and have good taste.


I dunno, there's a 1989 BMW E30 really close by. I may get that. With some work, I can make it look very oldschool JDMish. =P

Put some fender mirrors on there and piss off the bimmer community.


My baby.






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:blink: WTF happened to your Z!


She sneezed with her eyes open.


Actually, it was just an accident. I was looked at my tachometer for a little too long. It was acting dodgy and not always reading my RPMs. Was going around a corner and I hit a tree.

That's all that happened. It's just unfortunate that I had to be driving my car when it happened.


At least I wasn't your typical teenage shit head and was texting while driving, or something like that. I usually don't even touch the radio when I'm driving.

A lot of time and work went into her and I always took good care of the car. It wasn't a 16th birthday present from my parents, or anything like that. I took a lot of pride in the thing.


Not only that, but it was a way for me to work away my worries and troubles. I've been dealing with deep depression since I was about 12. I'm 17 right now. (Most people can't tell my age by what I type. Now that you know, however, you can tell that I'm not your average teen. At least I would hope so.)


Unfortunately, all my money always went into the car and now I don't have anything saved up to get another one. My mother was a bit lazy on the insurance as well. I had liability put on it while it was in my garage and I was working on it. But when I started to drive, my mother never changed the policy as she said she would have. So, almost a total loss.

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If you're going to be replacing the harness, why even bother with another 40 year old set of wires anyways? Replace it with a new aftermarket universal one, which start at around $200. You can do it over a weekend. Chance are you won't be able to find a good used harness for less than that price anyways. *Especially* for a 68, which is different than the rest of them. 510 harnesses changed over the years, different wires, different colors, so you'd need to find the one that fits your particular car, which will probably be difficult.

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still got the wheels?


it was a beautiful car....


Find a way to put the Z dash in the 510..then it will work =)


I do have the wheels. But I would rather not deal with the shipped. I have a local guy that wants the wheels along with a lot of other parts.

He has 5 old z's. Ridiculous.


1970, 1971, and two 280z's.


Is putting a z dash in a 510 even physically possible?

Just curious. I wouldn't think so, I think the z dash is too wide.

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