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what should i do first


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hey guys, this is my 12 turuck as of next friday, i was so excited i couldnt wait too post. im planning to get it as low as the australian law allows or a bit lowere lol (10cm clearance) . and get it as jdm as possible. i dont have an overly large budget, so lowering it will be flipping the load leaf and king low springs in the front. and that most likly wont be low enough. what else is a good cheap mod that i could do ? i was thinking or realocating the front number plate to just under one of the indicators... waht do you think of that? p.s. already has some black meshies with a chrome lip. looks pretty cool but wonldnt mind getting something a bit bigger maybe 16's?


here is the pic :) sorry since its about 400kms away atm this is the best one i have :)


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The larger the tire, the higher the 1200 will sit.

Go with 17" wheels, but use a low 40 series tire.


The black mesh rims look good.


Flipping the spring will lower it a bunch (my ute has it), but it stiffens it too much. Lowering blocks are better for ride quality.


King-brand springs will lower the front nicely.

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thanks ggzilla i will probably go. with lowering blocks now . and i was looking at the king springs which will take it down 3 cm below stock height . which doesn't seem very much . what is the stock ground clearance height on these? :)

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i took the latches of and put a gate latch on the inside. i think it looks alright but i want your opinions? should the latches stay or go?


with the latches


with out the latches (if i decide to go without the latches a will weld up the wholes cut of the hooks and repaint):D







also here is a pic of what i did with the numberplate.tell me what you think!!!! :D


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Explain? :unsure:



well in australia when you turn 16 you do a test then you can drive with a fully licenced driver in the passenger seat for 1 year, during that time you have to have a "L plate" on your car. then you go for a driving test then you can drive around alone with 'red p plates' for 1 year and you are speed limmited to 90 kmh (55mph). then you do another test and the can drive alone with "green p plates" and you are speed limmited to 100kmh(60mph)

for 2 years, then you do another test and you have your full licence :)

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