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  1. Just to clarify, are you trying to do a compression check? cant get the starter to continuously crank the engine to get it? get a good ground from the battery to the block. Like make sure the end of the battery cable is bolted to the block where there isn’t any paint. If there is sand it and then attatch. Make sure that cable is good. I have a ga16 and was checking starter to flywheel clearance/engagement. I was *cranking it with the starter on a homemade stand that sat on the floor. I bolted the (-) to the block on a threaded boss and then the (+) to the starter and using a push button to the signal wire to turn the engine over. Hope this helps.
  2. Anything from rear defrost switch, to a foglight switch....
  3. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4024&start=15 http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Budget_EFI Maybe these can be of help to you, if you haven't already seen them.
  4. I think adding the plate will pull the trans that much further back. One thing I never checked was the clutch forks, for differences in shape. The other was the pivot point for the fork. I never verified if they sat in the same location, let alone the size of each pivot. I always assumed they were. on one swap I got away with shimming the pivot point with a washer or two when using the a12 flywheel.
  5. Dang. Sorry Kelmo. Apparently that long bearing collar is uber rare. One way to fix it is shim the pivot point for the fork out a bit. I'll edit my post to include the long bearing collar.
  6. A12 flywheel, LONG T.O. Collar, use with out 1/8" plate. -Edited to not cause confusion.
  7. Quick question about customs, did you have the items shipped via ems? Was it by air? I wonder if the same rules apply if they would have been shipped by boat.
  8. luk 06011 on rock auto for the clutch disc http://www.rockauto.com/m/mobilecatalog.php Not sure if the link will work. For the 190mm clutch and 1" shaft.
  9. Double check the length of the lugs when you get them. I recall the Oreiley ones being longer. They bottom out first before tightening the wheel. Nice looking car btw, like how it's coming along.
  10. Datsun 210. Grab lower control arms, strut rods the ball joints, steering knuckles sway bar stuff. Bolt and go. OR Just grab 210 ball joints, and steering knuckles and modify control arm accordingly. OR Slot the steering knuckle hole, a la pitroad.
  11. Nice work, might want to change those couplers on the fuel filler. The fuel will break it down and turn them to mush. AutoZ can get fuel filler hose. Edit: summit sells a magnaflow round body 2" in/out for 85.00, it fits nice and tucks under.
  12. The 63A is a nice one for the 1200, albeit fairly large for the manual tunnel. There may be some "massaging" involved with a hammer. The clutch disc needs to be changed to the b210 one, which I believe is 1"x24T, 180mm. The shifter should pop up in the shifter hole in the body. The driveshaft can be modded with the yoke from a 510, or similar. just check the free play between the through out bearing and the pressure plate.
  13. The bracket with backwards c notch is what worked for me.
  14. A12gx dizzy has a different advance curve than the standard one. Works well if you have the matching cam.
  15. If you are going to use a Sentra trans go for the '91 on up from the Sentra ga16de or the nx1600. The nx one has 4.47:1 final drive. You could slot the hole on the bell to make it work. Use the Sentra clutch, the 310 used a 190mm clutch disc, like the Sentra, and the spline count of the ga trans is 18t. not sure which flywheel though. It depends where the ring gear sits. Starter will sit over the trans, so may have to see where it ends up, for clearence. Trans may need a brace from the bottom part of the bell to the engine. Never done it, don't know about axles or mounts etc, I just threw away a Sentra trans, would have given it to you. The E has a 4 speed, the xe/gxe 5 speed. If you go for it good luck and take pics! NJOZ, a 310 came out as a fwd hatch a series powered here. I assume that is he one he is talking about.
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