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ok, leaf removal.....

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ok, doing my 3 inch blocks on the morning.......there are 3 leaves in there, one long one, one that goes halfway, and one that just goes straight across and doesnt do anything. can i remove that one? i wanna be low! and yes, the bumpstops are coming off!!!

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You can remove it but because it doesn't 'do anything' you will only lower the truck by the spring's thickness. About 1/4"? Well, plus the 3" blocks, I wouldn't bother, plus if you leave them you will have some load carrying ability and some resistance to bottoming out on dips and bumps. And that's a good thing.

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Been there done that w/ all of my trucks over the years. Remove the middle leaf, that combined w/ a 3 inch block will drop the rear bout 4 - 4 1/2 inches. Theres a bolt running through the leafs, when you put it all back together youll need a few flat washers to make up for the missing leaf [youll see what i mean].

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I never really thought of doing this to my 521. On the other hand I dont think I will cause I need that spring rate up so I can haul the occasional load.


Oh ya you will loose more then just the leaf thickness cause you take spring rate out.....so it will sag the leafs a bit more.

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If its the one on the bottom that looks like its not touching anything on each side this is called an overload leaf. Its factory. Its made so when you load your truck up with somthing it helps the lighter springs carry the load once you put so much into the bed. You can remove it if you want I dont care?

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i wished you cared......i care about your overload leaf....im never going to carry a load, so imma remove it. next question.....there is NO suspension travel in the rear of my truck...it is way up high and is stuck there. it's really stiff. what gives?

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This may be a far cry but check your shocks. One may be stuck. I had this problem with a ranger pickup but it wasnt stuck all the way up it just didnt have full travel and could never find out why till I pulled the shocks for new ones. These trucks have rough ass suspension anyway especially when you lower them.

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since the axel is over the leaves, removing the overload leaf does not drop the suspension.


Once you remove the middle leak, the upper leaf will rest at least party on the overload leaf. I had the overload leaf removed and regretted it. The spring travel was way too soft and the rear leaves would twist. I put it back in to stiffen things up. There was much more traction with it in.

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Even if you don't carry anything, the overload DOES do work when you run over speedbumps, curb entrys, potholes, hard turns, etc. It's more needed now with less leaves than before. It's purpose is to keep the leaves from deflecting beyond the "point of no return". When the leaves hit that point, they will permanently de-arch themselves, and risk fatigue failure. Unless you WANT to end up having to replace the upper leaf every time you bend it. Adding the lowering blocks put more side load on the leaves (acts like a lever) when you turn, which componds the twisting action.

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