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Datsun 620 and 510 weather strip

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I am here in Mexico and have access to some decent quality weather stripping. The door and window channel strip on my '74 620 have been on the truck since 2005 and am very happy with it. The window sits nice and tight and without any play unlike the junk I bought on ebay. The doors feel tight as well. I get back to the states July 5th so the weather strip would get shipped on the 6th and all shipping is with confirmation from USPS. I will take orders until the 4th so if you are interested please hurry.


The window channel for a 620 measures about 8.2 feet per door (these are the figures I was given by the supplier). About 16.4 feet or 5 meters per truck. If you guys have different figures please let me know! I do not want to sell fellow Members too little material. The price for this is $40 shipped to the lower 48 US states.


Here they are also using the same channel strip on the 510.


Price for a 2 door 510 is $38 shipped and $70 shipped for a 4 door 510.


They also have the outside window squeegee for the 620. The price for this is $38 shipped for a set of 2.


The door weather stripping is GLUED on and it comes from a spool. You will have to cut and glue it to make the corners. It does not have the clips the OEM type has. For the 620 it's $40 shipped. They use the same weather strip on the 510. The price for the 510 2 door is $45 shipped and for the 4 door 510 is $70 shipped.















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do i need to measure legths for my 4 door?


Ohio510, I do not have the exact lengths for the 4 door window channel felt. I appologize but the guy that sells the felt does not remember how much is used. I don't know anyone over here that has a 4 door. If you could measure for me that would be awsome. Sorry!

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I have one set of channel felt and outer squeegees. Same price as before. Below you can see the difference between the Thiland/ Singapore Ebay crap and this stuff. I just removed the Ebay stuff and put this stuff on and it's day and night. Thanks



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The old man came back with 3 sets of channel felt for a 620 and 2 sets of outer squeegees for 620's. I used one set of felt for my truck and sold a felt and squeegees to a fellow Ratsuner. I have a complete set of felt and squeegees still for sale. The felt should be more than enough for a 2 door 510.


Guys, if you could help me out please, I still need the lengths for 4 door dimes!


My dad should come back early next year so he can bring more of what ever you guys need.

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Nelsontr is sent you a PM.


Got you in for a complete set drummerboy. I'll let you and who ever else is interested a few weeks before all the stuff becomes availiable again.



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are these already pre-cut in the lengths described above? we have a few different cars as well as some friends that may be able to use some of these and curious if it comes in a large spool. that way we could try it on a 1200, a goon rear hatch, roadster (lower doors) b210, etc... and just cut lengths that were needed , either longer or shorter than what is used for 620 or 510. i know there are at least 1 620 and 3 or 4 510's rolling over here plus our misc dattos.

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Cool Riot, just let me know.


Hurricane, these come from a spool so it can be cut to length. The guy I buy it from has a good idea for the lengths of the w/s for the 510's and 620's. I imagine the doors are smaller for the roadsters and 1200's? Not sure on the b210's and wagon hatch. The w/s for the goon hatch is different but I guess you can make it work. If you can help me with the lengths you need for the hatch and b210 it would be awesome.

Like I told other ratsuners, I will not collect money until I physically have the parts on my hand. Thanks!


Here's a pic of the door w/s.



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cool. i will check out the lengths and get back to you as well as maybe how many other guys may want some. i know we took some old channel from a 620 and put it in the 1200, worked good just a little too short on one side and too long on the other. i will look at the hatch too.

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Guys, I have the door and channel w/s on hand. I will have the 620 outer squeegee next Friday.


Please start confirming what you want as I will be heading back to the states here soon. I will start to accept payments for the door and glass channel w/s as I have those already. Thanks

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