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  1. Heading to Portland,OR in the beginning of May. What are some roads in the area to hit? (not sure of rental yet)

  2. Can you not order Isky Cams online? (what's up with their site)

  3. darc510

    Post 510's

    I know, I'm thinking the same thing!!! For the longest time I was dead set on wanting a KA or a VG swap for my 2dr...I would say this car has greatly influenced me not to.
  4. darc510

    Post 510's

    SO, I took these photos at JCCS in 2010...love this car and I always come back to it to find something new. Anyone have info on it or link to build?
  5. I figured this would be the best place as any for this. I took these pictures back in 2010 at JCCS, I'm wondering if anyone has information/ a build tread for me to drool over on this 510. Never thought I would own one when i took t hess photos, but i'm glad I did...this is just sexy!!!!
  6. Guess I should brush the dust off this thread...wow, last update almost a year ago. Time to get cracking. To make a long story short...we (wife and I) had some family issues. At one point we had three of our parents in the hospital at one time. On top of that , the wife's mother fell ill and eventually passed on. It was and still is difficult to put wrenches to the car as we have been driving back and forth from Baltimore and Virginia Beach, almost every weekend. We are still working through her mom's house as there is a lot of drama and lack of a Will, basically things have been real complicated lately. We were however to take a moment and get out to Summit Point for SPEC510 back in May. So, In the mean time I have mainly just done research on what I would like this car to truly be and make efforts to properly plan this build. Sounds much like putting the cart before the horse, but I'm looking to fix that. Ultimately deciding that I will not be doing a motor swap, keeping with the L-Series in this car. I would like to pick up a goon in the future, which will be the motor swap candidate...time will tell. Anyways, right before things went sour with the family, I picked up a pair of DCOE 45 Sidedraft Webers that I would like to mate up with this. The deal was too good and they will do just fine on the shelf until I get the kinks worked out with the current setup and issues I must tackle… Re-planning the Build: Electrical: Starting from the last informative post, I did scrap that wiring. There was just too much botched patch work done all over the place to make my IR Alt worth installing. Hence, why it fried up when I tried to do the Saturn IR upgrade. I picked up a clean 71 harness and I'm starting from there as far as wiring goes. Since nothing is cut, I'm opting for the external regulated alt setup, for the time being, to keep it OG. I'll explore better options later. Body: I want to fix many of the rust issues that I have, the driver's rear quarter panel I'll have done, but I'll be patching the floor boards, making my seat mounts, and front passengers wheel well. I only have a gasless MIG, so this may take a little extra cleanup steps. I also have a dent on the roof the car, from when a branch landed on top of it during a storm, but that should tap out just fine and is not a real issue right now. Interior: Reserved for continued editing and updating...as items become available. Suspension/Brakes: 280ZX swap up front with new vented/slotted rotors. I'm looking into a rear disc brake setup...which after some research I am leaning more towards the Wilwood kit from silverminemotors.com with a proportion valve. Still haven't decided to either change out the master cylinder size or slapping on a brake booster. Also, since I do not have an ebrake, might as well mount it to the trans tunnel :) Engine/Fuel delivery For the immediate, get the current setup running solid. Not much to it other than that...lol. Eventually, install the 45 sidedrafts, mild cam, hone, full gasket replacement, basic cleaning and painting. Nothing to serious. Perhaps rework the fuel delivery to electric from mechanical, when the duals are installed...but want to research this more. That’s what I have for a not so update. Life happens and sometimes the projects we enjoy take a back burner.
  7. pulling out old hacked up wiring and install nicer harness in its place.
  8. if i removed my PO hacked up 1972 510 wiring and installed 1970 wiring, all should be good right?

    1. Busta Nut

      Busta Nut

      "Should"... is the key word

  9. http://annapolis.craigslist.org/cto/4391100322.html Sort of ratsun, would be a good swap candidate :)
  10. in flip flops? ballsy!!! idk how great you are at something, shit happens. i'm a noob to welding/fab...but i'm a perfectionist and would hate to screw up my project or myself...just see no logic in this guys direction!
  11. Non-existant? There are actually quite a few peeps up there with you. Get a hold of Dave at FutoFab and branch from there. May require some driving, but they're out there. Plus, reserve some time in May to come down to Summit Point, WV for a 510 get together...SPEC510.
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